That Golden Warm Feel...

it was an interesting conversation with friends who are in town from london. you see, they can't help but shake their heads when they have that occasional conversation with a brit whose idea of the philippines is some backward mud-flat where people still live in trees.

for the love of whatever is sane, how can they imagine such inanity when a third of their nurses are filipinos? show me a country who can produce tree-top nurses and i guarantee you their civilization would be the most advanced.

hmmm, so i guess every opportunity i get, i try to snap a picture of them in the terraces in ayala, inside the gorgeous mall and most recently, underneath the gigantic christmas tree resplendent with gold, gold and more gold! at the very least, if someone asks them if filipinos still live in trees we can tell them we do: gold trees. hmmp.


Anonymous said…
hahaha.. very funny.. i also get some comments like those too from some backward farang. weee
Cacho said…
hmm haven't they considered that we tree dwellers managed to learn the english language aside from having to use our national language and additional 1-2 local dialects? he he he

i still do meet a number of these ignoramuses but majority are very civilized.

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