Have You Discovered Conching's?

red, am near SM already, pick you up in front of starbucks, northwing. are you hungry?


i didn't expect red to order sinigang na isda (fish chunks in a chili-tamarind soup base), lechon kawali liempo (pork belly fried to a crackling crisp), sinugba nga liempo (grilled pork belly), sinugba nga nokos (grilled stuffed squid) and torta nga talong (grilled giant eggplant, flattened, soaked in egg, topped with onions, seasoned in salt and pepper and deep fried)

sinugba nga nokos

since he's on a diet he didn't order any rice.

right. i kept asking him if he's really sure about the order and he said: "yup. besides i'm not eating any rice"

i totally forgot his previous answer: "very".

sinugba nga liempo
torta nga talong
tinola nga isda

so there we are, the waitress looking at us like we're escapees from a concentration camp and us getting our giant bibs out to dive into the food laid out in front of us. we didn't even bother to use knives, forks and spoons (well, except for the soup, we can't sip it from the bowl can we? we are not that uncivilized)

throw in three miniature rice pockets (puso) and two cans of coke zero (we're on a diet) and the bill amounted to about Php 565. Yes, that whole feast would probably get you a serving of yakiniku noodles and katsudon in teriyaki boy. without the rice and drinks.

if you're looking for a local spread, best taste for quality and value, check out conchings near white gold in SM. their specialty is grilled manok bisaya (local chicken) but frankly, i prefer my chicken plump, meaty, fatty and juicy.

everything for Php 525

click on read.more for restaurant details

Conching's Manok Bisaya
North Reclamation Area,
Cebu City (near White Gold / SM)


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