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Moalboal - Not To Be!

okay, pronounce "mall"+"bowl" and you're probably still not going to pronounce that word right he he he. Anyways, this post is a follow up to my previous post where i was carefully debating the merits of going for a marathon or end up on the sandy beaches of mallbowl.

tough choice isn't it?

yeah right. u-huh, as if i seriously believe that you'll believe that.

here's a short video clip showing the sandy coastline of mallbowl.

but as they say, the destination is just an ending to a trip. boy, what a looney trip it was.

for the visually impaired (click on the image for a bigger pic), err... visually inclined,the map shows moalboal south west of cebu province - that's about two hours drive from Cebu City.

while you're on the trail, don't forget to drop by Carcar (the map, click the maaaap) and get some heart clogging, artery busting meaty chicharon (crackling pork rind) - same feeling you get when you fall in love, less the fat. From there, you c…

To Be or Not To Be

i am in big trouble.

i mean, this sunday i am supposed to go on a smoke-inhaling-hallucinatory trip with my socialite friends... err... wait, this is not a brian gorrell expose and i DON'T have socialite friends. pa-sosyal yeah, but not socialites. honestly? that "expose" is causing people to cringe when they are labeled as "socialites", so i heard THAT group is planning to call themselves the "cultured" - you ask me, sounds too much like "vulture". i have been reading too much of that... ugh.

anyways, sunday is supposed to be the 10K marathon arranged by Holiday Gym and Spa around Cebu City. on second thought, running through the city is indeed a smoke-inhaling-hallucinatory trip. i have been gearing up for it, heck i have been having dreams (or nightmares) imagining myself running running, i've oiled my gut just in case i need to roll down the road if my shoes decide to do a good friday without any hope for an easter sunday.

i designed th…

I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Blow Your House Down!

Well, this little piglet is not going to let the big bad hairy wolf blow his house down! I'm going to run and run and run some more, i'd probably be huffing and puffing because i'd be outta breath while trying to complete the 10K Holiday Gym & Spa (HGS) 10K Health Run. and if running fails, i can always lie on the road and roll myself all the way to the finish line - i gotta believe this gut is good for something, they're not called spare tire without a reason mind you.

What da heck, i have a wager with Homer to lose 10 pounds of fat by April 7 - da bounty? i get treated to a japanese buffet lunch in Mikado. i'd probably earn back two pounds, unfortunately am not into the bulimia-tickle-me-throat-purveyor. i intend to enjoy each morsel of food. yam yam yam!

speaking of big bad HAIRY wolf, that actually fits MY description. if you're in Cebu anytime this Sunday (March 30, 2008) why don't you try huffing and puffing with the bunch? meet ya all at the HGS pa…


we've heard of telegrams, snail mail, email, text messages etc etc. but with available technology like blogger and youtube, it becomes a lot easier to post videograms. the only downside is that you need to be half decent before appearing in one. it's not like answering a mobile phone call in the middle of the shower he he he.

To the Del Mar family in London - posting this video of the family in Naga. We all just got back from the 3K trek up the mountain last Good Friday. Good thing videos don't come with surround smell features ha ha ha!

Missing you all! (click the video to activate)

just in case you're inclined, here's the link in youtube. You can also get pictures of the trip up the mountain via this link.

Cheers mate!

King Kong Climbs Naga Mountains!

I gotta admit, my most recent attempts at climbing is confined to the stepmaster machine in the gym. i haven't even considered going up the tall, reaaalllly tall indoor wall climbing facility in the gym. am skeptical that the ropes tied around my waist is strong enough to stop me from falling. that and the fact that a big, tall, hairy man like me doing the wall thing is too much King Kong for my liking.

so, i did the next best thing and went on a trek up the hills in Naga City (Cebu). It's not like i suddenly woke up with a strong desire to climb a mountain - the occasion is Good Friday and it is a Catholic tradition in the Philippines that we normally do the way of the cross as some sort of "pilgrimage" that traces the carrying of the cross up Calvary by the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, without the whips and nailing part - more like, water jugs, sandwiches and endless tsismis in between "stations" where we pause to say some prayers (silent sigh of relief from a…

Graduation Espeych!

you've read about it, seen it, snickered, died in embarrassment, and got a good laugh at the Ms. World Philippines winner Janina San Miguel Beer. but as they hearsay, you can't foot a good woman down. in response to questions as to what she can say to all her distractors, she was quoted to have said:

"I won, they didn't." - magaling magaling magaling!

to prove to one, two, tree (everyone) dat she is good in english, she translates her graduation espeych from tagalog to english. she took desperation, este, inspiration from ruffa gutierrez's comment that 98% of filipinos espeyk english. di nga lang correct english, pero english.

here's da orig tagalog espeych:

Magandang hapon para sa inyong lahat, sa akin, sa inyo at sa lahat ng dumalo.

Gusto kong pasalamatan ang nanay, tatay - mga magulang ko na napaka importante sa buhay ko. Ngayong gabi ng aking graduation ako'y taas no nakaharap sa inyo.

Iniimbitahan ko kayong lahat na kumain sa bahay, sigurado naman akon…

Paking Unbelebabel!

A wild roar erupted from the gym packed audience watching the slugfest (Unfinished Business - March 15) between paking (manny pacman's other nick) and marquez when the announcement came that the "pambansang endorser" este "kamao" (english: "nation's fist") won.

It wasn't the sort of hooting thumpa thumpa chest paking rocks type of roar though. More like, a big big noisy noisy sigh of... relief. we love paking to death despite his choice of traveling companion (atienza et. al.) and his very brian gorrellisky type of shenanigans in Embassy accompanied by someone-definitely-not-his-wife.

within minutes of the announcement, various news flash came out - the most interesting is the comment of nanay dionisia (paking mother) lamenting that she doesn't like paking's face to get all bloodied and cut. an unsolicited comment nanay - paking's never been a pretty face, wala na po syang ipapa-pangit pa. hala.

on the other hand, we filipinos are pro…

Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Social Rings

sometime 2006 i wrote about the very very secret diaries of the lord of the rings.

"In the VERY SECRET diaries, she (Cassandra Claire) takes us deep into the perverted minds of the (Lord of the Rings) characters as they obsess about their beards, hair, horn and get this... everyone is trying to hump each other." - if you want to read up on this one, jump right to Link#1 and Link#2.

In another entry, another diary got posted, this time the characters are from Manila's Lord of the Social Rings - apparently, they allegedly obsess about the same things with a bit of cocaine to make things definitely more eeenteresting.

i thought the story should have gone pfft after it's novelty wears off. apparently, the owner of the "Diary" decided to reopen and add more stuff. and when we talk about stuff, we mean really dirty-laundry-hanging-to-dry stuff.

it's not an intellectual read, but it's enough to keep me awake in the middle of reading work related research - and…

Lord of the Social Rings

March 11, 2008 inquirer lifestyle section reported the existence of a blog that is turning out to be fodder for the telenovela crazed Filipinos.

Death Threats,
Freeloading Socialites,
Coke (the sort that you snort),
Social MOUNTAIN Climbers,
Fashionista Disasters,
(in)famous names,
add to that Tons of Makeup.

What do they have in common? A scorned man.

You've heard "hell has no fury like a woman scorned." apparently they missed out on gay men popping out the kitty claws. this one is heart wrenching, gut stabbing witty witty writing. well, for those that got their names and pictures posted, it isn't.

reportedly, the blog has gotten tremendous traffic streaming through its pages. why the fascination for trash? well, for one it's high society trash and it's told by someone from within the circle. heck i could have gotten the same information if i just tapped my network of beloved (and abused) yaya and drivers that clean up the mess after the party. a w…

Praise You - Quotable Church Bulletins

Sure we've had a big HO HO HO at the expense of the Philippines Ms. World winner for the murder, or rather, the massacre of the Engish language. On the other hand, what's the excuse of native English speakers doing the same thing?

Here's a pretty interesting collection of actual Church Bulletins in the US:

This afternoon there will be a meeting in the south and north ends of the church. Children will be baptized at both ends.

Tuesday at 4 p.m. there will be an ice cream social. All ladies giving milk, please come early. - breast pumps are available for a fee.

Wednesday the Ladies Liturgy Society will meet. Mrs. Johnson will sing, "Put Me In My Little Bed," accompanied by the pastor.

Thursday at 5 p.m. there will be a meeting of the Little Mothers Club. All those wishing to become little mothers, please meet the minister in his study. - am sure Mrs. Johnson is already part of the Little Mothers Club

This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs. Johnson to come forward and …

When Angels Sing

i am humbled.

i have never shed a tear listening to someone sing a song. specially not from someone that you least expected such passion and emotion accompanying a voice that sings in the choirs of heaven. paul potts is a mobile phone salesman who joined Britain's Got Talent competition.

The judges first looked at him with cynicism as he claimed he just wanted to sing opera and shyly admits that he has confidence issues. in a latter interview, one of the judges admitted to have thought "here we go again..." but after hearing the first four notes, you can SEE they stopped breathing as they hung on until the very last note. the audience were on their feet, perhaps floating on clouds as they gave him a standing ovation.

needless to say, he won the competition but this video is his audition. the first from what i suspect will be a long history of angels singing on earth.

this is made more interesting considering that he survived his growing up years bullied by his classmates. mo…


yesterday was supposed to be the BIG day. Here's the turnout:

Makati - organizers claimed 80,000 showed up. The police estimated 15,000 whereas independent observers from mars guessed 25,000. for a rally that's supposed to be a demand for the truth, organizers are sure lying through their asses. my wild guess? part of the crowd are thousands of commuters in ayala stuck in the massive traffic jam. to make it really simple, let's use the totally unscientific methods of Pulse Asia in computing and just average the score to 40,000. that's a pretty decent count.

Pampanga - about 500 students turned up led by Gov. Panlilio and Bishop Roberto Mallari and a curious group of penguins tagging along. wait, this news report just came in, the satellite mistakenly identified nuns as penguins. students confirmed that they were misled by organizers led by the penguins claiming a field trip. priests and nuns don't pay taxes so they don't count. ergo, total count for pampanga - 0 …