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Blogging is dead?

if i were to believe the article posted in inquirer a couple of days back, blogging is going the way of the bengal tiger. exotic but endangered.

a study showed that there are only 14% of surveyed respondents saying that they have a blog compared to the same study a year ago that showed 28% of netizens maintain some sort of online blog.

if you're still reading up to this point you're one of the few rare, dwindling group that can actually read beyond 144 characters and maintain some sort of interest in MY rambling.

blogging is going the same way as the email. email in its time was a revolution but now seem insignificant with the advent of social networking sites that allow people to post the most mundane detail about their lives in an instant. who cares if you're picking your nose? then again, picking your nose with matching photos, videos and a million "pokes", "like", and interactive comments from a virtual community is sort of ego boosting. people act…

A View From the Top

this is the living room in my apartment in salcedo park.

and a view of the surrounding sky scrapers. up in the 34th floor, most of the buildings stand lower from where i am.

gleaming monsters, no wonder people refer to it as the concrete jungle.

the long empty hallway leading to the elevator frames a picture of myself taking a picture of the hall. i hardly see anyone in this place.

much less people that actually stay in the lobby. the only people i know are the guards that nod at me politely every time i come back home.

except that i'm just using the company staff house when i fly to manila. didn't want to check in a hotel as i wanted to save a bit of cost. sigh. someday i'll own my own unit just like this.

Personal Presidential Priorities

Dennis Ponce Tagamolila had the option to meet Mar Roxas today or get together with a friend who needed a good talk. my friend won - FACEBOOK STATUS

then someone posted a note whether it means that i am not voting for mar.

the question is not whether i am voting for a vice president.

the question is a choice between meeting a super-duper-popular candidate to exchange pleasantries or to meet a friend who needed the company and a sympathetic ear. i seriously doubt it if mar will even remember me, but i know that i will make a difference in a friend's life today.

instead of saying who i am favoring this election, i definitely know WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR. The choice has come down to two teams. erap is not part of my list.

The Villar Conspiracy

no one can dispute the fact that the erap jokes helped vote a man to the presidential office by virtue of his name being passed around via text, email and get together. fewer people know that it was alegedly the brainchild of an ateneo group to generate below the line viral marketing for a man with few accomplishments but cut a full figure in the celluloid screen.

today, i can't help but liken the series of text messages circulating about villar being the REAL administration candidate as possibly a ploy of villar's group to get his name in every mobile phone.

the conspiracy theory further speculates that gibo really is just a decoy to split the aquino vote. at the end of the day, what does he have to lose? if the theory is correct, he is assured of a government position in villar's cabinet.

then another email circulating about the villar mansion that was reportedly sent around by noynoy supporters and eventually proven to be a hoax.

do i believe that noynoy supporters ar…

A Mexican Affair

how do you fit laughter, somber discussions about mortality, infidelity, sex, crushes, presidentiables, new friends, diabetes inducing dessert, celebrity chismis, good food, medical ethics, a facial (leah - uhm, i think you know what i mean here) old friends, intelligent conversation, murder, conspiracy theories and cheesy valentine lines in four hours?

the ONLY bad thing about excellent company is that it makes the food look bad. i have to say it, MAYA is not the BEST mexican restaurant in town buuuuut we all agreed. we love the interiors.

okay, okay, at least this is one place where they do their burritos and chimichanga right, the mexican way - stuffed flour tortillas and not the savory french crepe style. i mean, the chimichanga was stuffed with enough refried beans to cause a minor nuclear explosion. oh wait, i should have said bio-warfare.

jenny ordered the crispy tortilla with guacamole - a chunky, (not so) spicy avocado dip that i believe will resemble judet's face color when…

Ang Pinaka Istar 2009

when you mix sex, scandal, violence and local celebrities you get the Yahoo Top Searches for 2009 celebrity list. Here's my take on the list and why we, the hapless masses are affected (if we are affected).

deny it, baduy it, you know i know you secretly sneak a peek in the local entertainment section of the newspaper for your daily fix of kris aquino. she's the proverbial kuto (head lice), you just can't get her out of your head. wapak!

beware, this is not for the lighthearted or those that has a quick barf reflex. you've been warned!

#10 - JUDY ANN SANTOS - when the populist Siopao Girl finally said her "i do's" to the english spokening la sallista the whole world (or at least the philippines) fell in love all over again. although he is the siopao sauce to her bola-bola, the chili sauce to her siomai, people secretly longed for derek ramsey to be the hotdog to her bun. 

#09 - ANNE CURTIS - dyosa reintroduced ann curtis to primetime viewing supported by …

Lunch Pics

grilled liempo - ila puti - it's a bit pricey and the meat is not that well marinated. the sauce is also a little bit off as they used coconut milk and vinegar infused with a bit of chili. it tasted more like a kinilaw dish instead. ron complained that he could have ordered five orders of the sinugba nga liempo ni manang flavored with plain salt and pepper and it would have come out cheaper and tastier. i agree.
saigon adobo - ila puti - two things, MORE sauce would have been nice and get rid of the sweet vinegar sauce. the hibi (dried small shrimp) is a novel idea and lent a salty bite to the dish. if you are prone to allergies caused by dried seafood then i suggest you avoid this dish. i sort of felt itchy after having the dish

Publicity Gimik

i'm mad. i haven't gotten the text message about villar who is actually the real boy toy of gloria. that and another text message that claimed dolphy was bribed to support manny.

not that i'm mad because i didn't get to read the message, it's more like pissed that whatever political machinery is at work perceive me as not worth spending two pesos worth of text.

remember the erap jokes? the ones that was eventually revealed to be the brainchild of a group from ateneo who arguably got erap elected by virtue of the "stupid" erap jokes? with the rabid desire of filipinos for anything funny, the messages got sent, resent ad infinitum. erap is still banking on that in every forum he goes to. except that he hasn't realized people are laughing AT him not, WITH him.

in any case, the unusual spitefulness of the "manny text messages" can either be the brainchild of jamby jambelina or a slick political strategy of manny's team to get his name in eve…

Ballet Babies

I'm free! Fly Fly Fly! a grainy shot of a teacher surrounded by her students. ugly ducklings that will turn out to be lovely swans at one point.

Blogging is a Pain

the problem with facebook is that it is so easy to post pics, add a bit of comment here and there and voila, instant post in a million other facebook profiles. compare that with a well thought blog post where some planning is required and thoughts are more than just the color of your brasserie (yes, it became a facebook senstation) and or witty one-liner.

that aside, blogs are more personal. you really don't plan to write a post with the hope of the horde browsing through your site. i do it because i want to capture a moment in my life. a friend of mine said (ironically, a post in facebook) that my blog talks about "family, friends..old friends...good times...favorite shows..songs..books..making memories..... laughter..God ..Love and..FOOD!"

at times i'm morose, pensive, introspective, gloomy. more often, i am happy, sarcastic, funny, politically incorrect. human, that's what my blog is all about, being human.


Doctor Doctor...

"wow it's so nice to have doctor friends at least i have someone i can visit just in case..."

that was sherry speaking. except that "just in case" might not exactly what you want. you see, i was having dinner with a group of friends and a lot of them are doctors and a friend happened to pass by to say hi. courtesy require that the necessary introductions must be made and sherry (let's use a fictional name), the bubbly lady that she is, warmed up to the group and eventually sat down with us for some chit chat.

eventually the conversation turned morbid (the usual case when doctors get together) that anyone bordering on being a hypochondriac will soon imagine themselves to be sick of every single disease known to man. you won't believe how doctors become giddy with glee when they talk about their favorite disease. actually, that depends on the specialization of the doctor. but that's getting ahead of the story.

sherry stood up and said her goodbye to …