Sweet Nothing

on our way to badian, everyone had a craving for the fresh ice cream from molave milk station. while everyone lined up for their creamy treat i spied a pack of bucayo on the shelf and ordered one.

bucayo is a sweet and nutty treat that reminds me of days when i used to run the streets with friends and sought shelter from the sweltering heat of the sun in sari-sari stores where we used our 10 cent baon to buy these treats. never mind that it was probably the cause of oh-so-many toothaches way before sweet words caused heartaches.

made from shredded mature coconut meat that is slowly cooked in a syrup made of brown sugar and water, the concoction is allowed to cool and harden before they're cut up into small bite sized pieces. i happily munched away my sweet childhood memories.


heading back to the parking lot after the morning mass, ron darted across the street to get a package of masareal from manong.

considering that is simply a mashed up mixture of ground boiled peanuts mixed with a clear syrup made from white sugar and water, the grainy powdery texture leaves a cloying aftertaste in your mouth that makes you crave more once you've popped a piece.

masareal has a notoriously short shelf-life and should be consumed within a couple of days once prepared, otherwise the peanut can turn rancid and leave a slightly bitter oily taste. the best ones are the ones we buy across the road from redemptorist church that is manned by manong and prepared a day before the sunday crowd. if you get the chance, try to order his bingka from mandaue. creamy crumbling in the mouth heaven.

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