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painting with light

light captured on film or digital pixels make up a photograph. but what about invisible paint that only takes on form when hit by ultraviolet light? in the first place, why would any painter use such a paint?

art in recent years have gone through an evolution using forms, methods, installations, material, and interpretation. the methods may change but the subjects remain constant.

this series shows the artist's interpretation of the filipino woman in various roles. seemingly empty canvass hangs on the walls but comes alive when the ultraviolet rays of the rotating contraption set right in the middle hits the surface.

the subjects all have a sensuous quality, a sense of mystery and like carnal thoughts, fleeting and disappears before you've fully grasped the entirety of the image.

lunch break

of late, i've been craving for more than my usual pinoy fix for food. fortunately, food options have improved in the metropolitan cities in the recent past where the there are other options beside the usual chinese cuisine fall back.

just in case you're wondering, i didn't consume all of the food featured here in one sitting. my friends are resigned to the fact that I need to take a picture of the food they ordered before they can dig in which is a tricky feat considering that nobody wants to eat cold food. except for froyo of course.

if you like the sinus-clearing action of really spicy food, the curry is for you. prepare sheets of tissue to wipe the snot that's bound to drip from your nose as you attempt to clean the whole plate. at one point, i gave up on chopsticks and grabbed the nearest spoon to get all the sauce mixed in with the rice.

the usual standard. my friend ordered this one, the same dish he orders every time we end up in a japanese restuarant. you could…

brain dead, nosebleed and cinematic impotence

if matt damon and emily blunt are part of a chemistry experiment, we'd refer to them as combustible. "adjustment bureau" partially succeeds in delivering an enthralling love story purely based on the spark between the two lead actors but eventually falls into the "love conquers all" cliché. i am surprised that the roman censorship machinery didn't take offense in the loose description of God as the "chairman" who is not as omnipotent as what we roman catholics believe in. apparently, according to the movie, chairman (aka God) and his angels all live in New York, have static disturbance when rain falls or surrounded by water, must only have male agents in the roster, has interest in a select few mortals, and needs magical hats.

the ending falters to a literal *poof* after building up the tension and is the cinematic equivalent of pre-mature ejaculation or impotence.

aliens on earth, can only be killed in a sequence, shark like humanoids hunting them…