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A Higher Being (x)

When Atheists claim there is no God, they validate the existence of God. For us to deny God, we first need to acknowledge that God exists.

I pity the people who claim that God does not exist. In times when trials are great that our simple humanity can not comprehend the tribulations we face in life, I rest assured in the thought that I can turn to God and give up my pain. I live in His Grace knowing that I will always have someone who will stand by me when things are not in their best.

He once asked, if I did not give you all you asked of Me, would my Grace be enough? Grace in life that comes with the understanding that there are other rewards than those that we can count and buy in life.

When you have no one to turn to at times of great sorrow, you only have only yourself to ask - I am in control of my destiny, what have I gotten myself into? Be careful who you ask, it just might be the Devil masquerading as your thoughts.

Thank you Lord for this pain, it reminds me I am merely human. I …

(Im)Perfect Days

If God had Intended Today to be Perfect,
He Wouldn't Have Made Tomorrow.
- Anonymous

Very apt for days that are going bad, or days that are not going the way you planned. Nevertheless, we should always remember, that a tomorrow is there to start a new day and an opportunity to make it perfect.

What I've learned is that every day is a choice we make. We should all expect a perfect day, and if things fall short we would still have a good day. If we are going through the day expecting the worst, we fall into our own self-fulfilling prophesies....

Human psychology teaches us that people reflect us. Simply meant, what we put to the world is reflected back at us by those we touch during the course of the day. Reflection and Projection is a concept that needs to be understood by each individual. We project how we want people to react to us, and quite often people reflect or mimic our actions.

Learn to smile, and I assure you that you will not go through a day without someone else smi…