Sunbursting Flavah!

fried chicken and arguably anything dipped in hot fat is the easiest thing to cook. getting the right mix of perfectly spiced crispy chicken skin that hide the succulent and juicy meat underneath is a different matter altogether. people attest to chicken joy (jollibee) as a favorite but few people know that the marination process and deep freezing method used to lock in the flavor is very similar to an embalming process. i mean we all know the chicken is dead, but century eggs only work with eggs and not poultry. on the other hand, jolly bee is a better alternative to some joints that offer breadcrumb and stuffed with what resembles chicken.

in Cebu City, ask anyone for the best friend chicken and they'd probably point you to a Sunburst restaurant. it's not necessarily JUST a chicken place as they serve an assortment of dishes but they are well known for their fried chicken. right, that perfectly spiced crispy chicken skin hiding the succulent and juicy meat is an apt description of how they serve their fried chicken. hot off the cooking tub.

at Php 90 for a single piece served with potato wedges, rice and coleslaw it doesn't come cheap. good thing they stopped using sweet potatoes that can cause certain gaseous emissions and they can probably hold back on the sugar as the coleslaw tasted more like a sandwich spread.

my other favorite is "esol", or commonly known as chicken tail. contrary to ordinary beliefs, the esol is NOT chicken ass. the tail is a fleshy tailbone at the posterior of the chicken. uh. that sounds like "ass". esol is plump, fatty and is made up mostly of chicken skin. When fried to a crisp and eaten with hot steaming rice, it literally melts in the mouth. this dish is a diet buster, so be ready to loosen up your belt when sitting down. order the regular order which is around 6-7 pieces and comes with rice, coleslaw and potato wedges.

beware, the franchise has some consistency issues. avoid the SM branch if you can and head off to downtown, archbishop reyes or one mango for a better experience.(click on read.more for restaurant details and contact numbers)

Sunburst Fried Chicken
247-B Legaspi Street , Cebu City
+63 (32) 2558825


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