Maning's Corner - The Hills Are Alive With...

"It's a lovely day! We came down from Mt. Pulag yesterday where the temp dropped to single-digit frigidity with matching !!|*@# wind factor and RAIN! But we stayed the night with friends at the Jesuit house in Mirador just on top of the Lourdes Grotto and heard mass in a lovely glass walled chapel that afforded an airy view of Baguio where a friendly little pug served to remind us that despite the deprivations of the previous days, if you wanted a warm cuddle and hairy belly he was all yours to have. GOOD MORNING from Naguillan Road. :)"

02 November 2008
10:20:50 AM

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and yes, that whole rambling line was an actual text message from my good friend. it clogged up my cell phone and had to repeatedly update the message. :) and like maria, the hills are alive with the sound of curses as he skipped, clawed, ran, jumped and crept to the peak of the second highest mountain in the philippines. :)


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