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the inspiration

i dream of the day that i'd be back to my old form. i dream of the day that the pants i wore four years ago will fit me again. i long to dig up old shirts that fit me snugly, not loose, not wide not tattered and doesn't make me look like a suman wrapped in banana leaves.

and there's one site that inspires me to continue working on that dream. visit the sartorialist and you'd know exactly what i mean. absolut inspiration.

Beetchy One Liners - 001

One friend hardly drinks but eats tons of pulutan. She's fat, and not very pretty. During one inuman, we saw the plate of chicharon emptied in minutes. Another friend addressed her:

"Huy, bawal yan, cannibalism!"

--about beetchy one liners--

since i don't have so much time to post long winded entries, i am resorting to my store of one liners delivered in the movies, tv and or reel life. most are less than 180 characters, perfect for a text rejoinder. just don't send them to me. :P


politicians and diapers are alike in so many ways, we have to change them for exactly the same reason.

i had dinner with friends last saturday and the inevitable topic ended up with the recent results of the election. villar being the (5 Billion pesos) losing candidate, the idiotic surprise turn of events favoring erap and the elitist masses that wanted gibo to win but couldn't stand the heat of the long lines that formed during election day.

i felt vindicated, i didn't have to say anything as i twiddled with the yellow band wrapped around my wrist. abonynoy, bading, kalbo, manic depressive, kris aquino, bachelor, plays video games, hacienda luisita, lack of experience, no track record, mama's boy, gloriaquino - yada yada yada. 5 billion worth of propaganda capped off with the hasty press release of villar's mother defending her son and full studio compliment advertisement that only succeeded in driving the last nail in villar's coffin.

i planned to stay quiet but …

Dimsumting in My Mind

blame it on ann. she recommended that i go to tsim sha tsui for dinner and when she said dimsum buffet, i had visions of a million and one dimsum parading before me. which is actually a pretty good description of how the restaurant set their buffet... people sat around a u shaped dining table that had a conveyor belt running right in the middle carrying all sorts of dimsum. at the other end, the conveyor goes into the kitchen where you can see bustling people replacing the empty dishes that come back from the horde.

warning, this can cause serious heart burn.