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Dinner with Red

so red calls me up and calmly says he probably has high blood. without skipping a beat he cheerfully adds that he just got a book Eat 4 Your Type that should help him with his diet. i didn't want to tell him that it's job that's causing his health woes, not the endless hotel buffet that he eats. daily. with dessert.

anyways, he promptly tells me he is not supposed to eat anything meaty, more specifically red meat. and i was like, so uh... you were just on a pure protein diet a couple of months back... his blood type A is apparently supposed to be more "vegetarian" and i was so tempted to tell him to simply convert into hinduism and he'd be forced to eat vegetables anyways.

i got the book from him and read the food he's not supposed to eat... pork, beef, mussels, clams, squid (i glanced at his face and every time i mentioned something he's sorta falling deeper into depression) although he's allowed to eat seafood except for catfish, eel and the list …

bio warfare

i sat with my head between my knees. hyperventilating and gasping for breath after my much loved military drill sergeant put me through 92 minutes of running in the gym.

now, imagine having dilated nostrils complete with deep gasps of lung-filling inhalation to try and get some air then - wham, you get hit by the olfactory version of durian curdled in blue cheese that has literally turned blue because of molds that has somehow found residence in the darkest, hairiest pits of an armpit.

my head snapped back as i tried to clear my fuzzy head and had a fading vision of this european ape going further away from where i sat. oblivious to the fact that every other member of the gym turned pale then a nauseous green.

he literally left a trail of destruction.

the next time i saw him i wore my face mask, i had the convenient excuse that i was just being cautious about swine flu. never mind that i only wear it when he's around.


i starved myself the whole day. with visions of lengua filling my head. you see, li-ann decided to celebrate her berday in casino espanol. some people may argue that ola espana serves the best spanish cuisine in town but i have this peculiar tendency to fixate on a single dish. i mean, the rest of the menu can be (pardon my french) crap, but if i absoluuutely love one dish then it's worth coming back for more. besides, aranos for me is better than ola. but that's just mi opinion okay?

UNfortunately, there was no tongues hanging, stewing and melting in my mouth that night. they had all sorts of dishes like roast beef, beef stew, (i work for an indian owned company and i kinda feel guilty eating a lot of beef that night) pork in mushroom, chicken in pineapple, ham, paella, yada yada yada but i was fixated on getting lengua.


i settled for beef with mushrooms and fish in cream sauce, not exactly what i wanted but it was fantabulously delicious. i mean, soft falling meat st…

Michael goes the way of the Dodo

if you haven't heard the news then you're probably more a of reclusive than me. michael jackson is dead - but this post is not about his life or the fact that he cancelled yet another concert for the last time. well, he's got the perfect excuse this tme: he's dead.

this entry is about bloggers who write up about Michael Jackson and use that as a tag to generate search hits. Michael Jackson is cyber-currency. every OTHER blogger is writing about it. it doesn't matter that one site tried to relate a food review with the death of michael jackson, some sort of leaving-the-taste-buds-dead line. or another pet-lovers blog that named a gorgeous white shitzu Michael in remembrance of the pop icon. for god's sake, Michael is BLACK - oh wait, is he? whatever.

just like any other media (or medium), bloggers are falling prey to the commercial pressure of drawing in hits in any way they can. i am purposely scheduling this post a WEEK after the event - to prove a point, i am m…