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Dark Thoughts

My mom had her follow up CT Scan first week of May 2006. The results are not that great, ok, bad. Suffice to say that the cancer has progressed to the lungs, liver and the aorta. The doctor has prescribed another medicine (Tarceva) to compliment Gemzar. The data though is not that encouraging as the results of using the medicine in combination with Gemzar does not really significantly increase survival or tumor response.

Then again, the reality is that we are now working on extending survival of my mother, cure at this stage is not really within "logical" expectations.

But when it comes to life, logic seem to have no reason. Despite the financial burdens, we continue to work on getting her treatment - as my sister said, she wouldn't give up on us, and thus we are not giving up on her.

When I pray to God I hardly say please CURE her, the reality of the matter is that I pray that she be spared from the pain. I have a hard time dealing with the pain. I seriously think of shutt…