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Mano Po 6

mas malaki pa braso nya sa hita koooh! that about sums up the reaction of moviegoers when they saw sharon cuneta make her appearance in mano po 6 : a mother's love.

why do filipino actors think they can portray ANY role? and why do producers and directors insist on casting actors that obviously do not fit the role? in sharon's case, she's bursting at the seams.

you would have thought that a poor cancer stricken character would look haggard. but no, her character looked uber healthy who overdosed on melamine infused milk, coke, ice cream, burgers etc etc.

and please, babangon ako't dudurugin kita will only work once.

except for ciara sotto who showed facets to her character, everyone else got stuck in one scene.

let me get this straight, there is nothing wrong with being fat. absolutely nothing bad about being curvaceous and bigger than life. but if you decide to take an oprah winfrey and cast her to portray the role of a kate moss or twiggy biography then you'd end up …


... is a reminder to manny that he sucks when he tries to act. and let's just be honest about it, ara mina and krista won't give him a second look if he didn't have his billions. then again, if his tongue is as hard as his fists then am sure it would make up for the looks department. matigas dila ni mani ano. bisaya kasi. kayo talaga bastos thoughts.

unless they like the ER look.

manual laborer, carpenter, fisher, police officer, government worker etc etc yada yada.

in fairness, i was literally green with envy with his gorgeous abs. and yes, he takes off his clothes in a number of scene to show off his (drug-free) body.

on another note, the role of ruffa mae as his wife who goes to italy and decides to marry an italian fellow was a bit convoluted. and she even gets to bring her kids with her to italy. why in heaven's name are we even showing that? the values are screwed up and it leaves a pretty nice (im)moral lesson: thank you white man for saving another filipina from t…

To Eat or Not To Eat

am not doing shakespear's hamlet review. and am not sure if you can actually refer to this as a review considering that i had no part in this particular feast. blame it on my craving for the banana milkshake in ila puti - i was on day four of my GM diet and the only thing that's allowed for the day are bananas and milk. yesh, the banana milkshake is my favorite in ila puti.

again, pictures say a thousand words but the only thing i can guarantee is that it appears to be good, it looks good, it smells good but i don't have a friggin clue whether the food actually tastes good.

then again, judging by the hearty and enthusiastic appetite of my colleagues it seems like it tastes just as good as it looks. yumi!

triton's feast - shrimp and fish ball slices tossed with orange colored pasta in an olive oil and garlic based sauce.

carbonara - cream based sauce with tons of bacon bits

peking pork - fake na pork? or pork cooked peking style? the fried rice looks delish with chorizo and…

The M Word

oooohhhh!! ahhhhh! that's the general reaction when people are face to face with martin nievera. i agree. twenty years ago.

until he said hi to me i didn't realize that the english speyking american accent daldalero in front of me was martin. so what is he doing in cebu? ahhh... yes, yet another shot in reviving his long mummified and petrified career via a concert with the frog princess pop fernandez. if you call croaking singing then a frog can be a singer.

except that we're not really going to talk about frogs in this entry. from the gym came boisterous laughter and two tallish young men stepped out and the only word that popped in my head was "monkeys".

yup, i was face to face with robin and ram, kids of martin and pops and the only thing that popped into my head was the infamous M word that was allegedly used by martin's ex girlfriend to refer to robin and ram.

in fairness, the gym staff mentioned that they were pretty smart (or smart sounding with the amey…

The Year End That Fizzled

no fireworks. no big bang. no loud noises. the only sound i heard was the patter of rain on the tin roof. bliss.

rain placed a damper on the year end celebration with less of the bang reserved for the midnight revelry. i woke up to share a simple media noche with friends before settling in to get some sleep.

on another note, another big bang just might happen at any time soon. mayon is acting up.

happy new year to everyone!