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Terrible Service

zest air makes cebu pacific look like paradise in the customer service front.

a friend of mine booked a round trip ticket for himself, his wife and sister-in-law for a long planned vacation. unfortunately, his flight with zest air got cancelled with no apparent reason.

i guess we can live with the fact that flights get cancelled. but what defines customer service is what a company does after the cancellation.

my friend wanted to have his flight rebooked to the next one but was informed there are no more seats available. he then asked if they have an arrangement with other airlines and the only response was that he has to book it himself and pay about four times the cost of his original ticket.

frustrated, my friend asked instead for a refund of the total ticket cost which is what most people would have done. unfortunately, he was informed that they can't refund his ticket as the flight coming back wasn't cancelled. it was all because of "company policy".

ironically, …

Food Porn

there are still people who look at me oddly when i head out to have a meal by myself. more so when i pose, spread, fluff and arrange the dishes around my table (and sometimes, on the neighboring table) before i whip out my camera for some food porn.

that's what you get if your second biggest passion in photography revolves around food.

oh it hurts the wallet as you go around looking for new dishes to interpret, food doesn't come that cheap in cebu anymore and i've turned down a couple of invites to write positively glowing PR reviews for a couple of restaurants.

i've said it before, and i've said it again - i can very well afford to pay for my own meal. i just want the freedom to say "eeet suuuucks" if and when a dish doesn't live up to my limited taste.

i'm digressing from the topic.

food photography is akin to porn. at least from my standpoint. you can look all you want but you know you can't have it. at least, NOT "have it" becau…

Growing Herd of Uncommon Sense

what the church doesn't understand is that the very act of publicly condemning the Reproductive Health (click on link for the full text of the proposed bill) and making it the subject of full page ads in national papers only add to the interest of the otherwise apathetic attitude of most filipinos. they should have taken their cue from "Da Vinci Code".

i've heard the rhetoric and selective interpretation from the catholic church regarding the (proposed) RH Bill. RH Bill is Anti-Life. RH Bill promotes Abortion, RH Bill promotes pre-marital sex. RH Bill should not be funded by taxes paid by Filipinos, majority of which are Catholics thus making the tax money, a Catholic fund. each pronouncement, adding more fuel to the curiosity of the filipino why the church is exerting an all out war against the RH Bill. the church claims they are fighting for the life of the yet unborn child but more filipinos see through the flimsy reason and the real intent to fight for the inter…