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Addictive Condoms

laws are just as stupidly absurd as the lawmakers that did them. in a twist to the ongoing debate against the reproductive health bill being deliberated in congress, village officials of Ayala Alabang, a soshyal barangay in Muntinlupa, passed their own ordinance requiring the issuance of a prescription to buy condoms.

i knew it, too much use of botox can cause brain damage. botox, a toxin used to paralyze muscles is often used by some sosi residents of Ayala Alabang. surprisingly, they can do an out patient procedure to do this without a written prescription from a physician whereas they need a prescription for condoms.

i'm reposting the news from for reference

Ayala Alabang requires prescription for condoms
By Jojo Malig,
Posted at 02/24/2011 6:45 PM | Updated as of 02/24/2011 7:31 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Barangay Ayala Alabang in Muntinlupa City is now requiring people who buy condoms to present a doctor’s prescription.

In a barangay ordinance las…

What's Worse than a Plagiarizer? A Re-tagger

and i'm not talking about doing a facebook re-tagging of your friends in their worst condition. I'm talking about getting a ready-to-wear outfit, cutting out the tag (logo), pasting your own then selling it for a thousand times its original worth.

in a shocking turn of events in the fashion world, Puey QuiƱones, who rose to fame as the bibo enfant terrible of philippine fashion, may just as quickly realize that his career has gone the way of the dodo, EXTINCT.

he sold a jacket to a client tagged as Bobon by Puey QuiƱones at a hefty price of Php 30,000 and forgot to remove the Dansen logo still stitched in the inside pocket of the suit. the same jacket that would cost Php 3,000 in your nearest sari sari store - Shoemart.

in a matter of minutes after the damning evidence was posted in tweeter, the whole online community was a-buzz with this fashion scandal and has a deeper repercussion in the perception that this may not be entirely an isolated incident amongst filipino designer…


PostSecret is a blog that i follow for its unique concept of posting random notes and private secrets left by strangers in libraries and bookstores across the US. it's the equivalent of going through confession but done in a publicly anonymous catharsis.

Anyone can read it, and most of the notes end up published by the administrators who run PostSecret. I half suspect that majority of the readers and subscribers of the site are those that left their notes (often done in a very creative artsy manner) with the hope that they will see their "dirty" little secret out in the open.

the notes are usually short, some are cryptic, often dark.

nevertheless, i've never really felt the urge to put out a comment about anything in the site until today when i saw something that caught my eye:

"I have a case of 158.73 and it is turning me into the kind of librarian that I hate"

the clue was already there: librarian.

This got me thinking that 158.723 is a library classificat…

Sushyal ang Azkal Namin - Half Danish Bread, Half German Shepherd

if you like the azkals then stop right here.

still here? well... dang! just when i am resigned to the fact that the Philippine Basketball Association is unofficially Phil-Am Basketball Association with its influx of ameyricans and crossbreeds playing for its ranks, our football team has stepped up to recruit drop dead gorgeous halfbreed players to fill in its ranks.

the only difference is that most of these meeestizos are not amboys (american pinoys) but europines (i just made that up, european pinoys). it suddenly feels like high school all over again where the meestizos in the class wanted to play soccer. but that's another story, i'm digressing really.

my lady friends kept texting and posting facebook shoutouts about azkals this, azkals that. i have this theory, 90% of the audience and fans are women. not that they have any dang clue why people need to kick someone else's ball and why it takes an average of an hour before anyone ever scores (hmmm, slow foreplay). does …

Movie Reebyu - Just Go With It

the movie felt like the millionth re-run of a "Friends" episode and the "jen" hairstyle remained the same, very much like the career of jennifer aniston - has seen better days. adam sandler didn't fare too well either. he's like the keanu reeves of comedy, at least you can say he has consistency - he acts in the same style in every movie.

the real scene stealer are the kids, the faux-british daughter and the drugged out, blackmailing boy. and yeah, wait for the children of the corn scene. heee-larious.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the movie even though it's a complete rehash of the same jen and adam stereotype characters.

for more incessant rambling, visit my blog.

2,500 Visits in One Day


that's a lot of visitors to a blog site, on average i get about 100+ page views a day but i sort of realized that these are people doing some random search about cebu, travel, food and sex. okay, probably not sex. sure perked your attention huh?

in any case, i was an invited speaker to an event yesterday and one of my co-speakers mentioned during his talk about pursuing one's passion. his happened to be blogging and he said that his site usually gets 2,500 site hits on a daily basis.

that got my ears popping and i couldn't wait until he was seated so i can ask about his website. i was trying to figure out what sort of blog topics he talked about to get that much web traffic. on top of that, he added that he usually got sponsors and he gets paid by companies to say something about their product. he was even contemplating to resign from his current post so he can pursue this passion. sigh. green with envy.

personally, i don't like the idea of getting paid to talk a…

A Saucy Affair

to say that a sauce makes or breaks a dish is an understatement. otherwise bland dishes get transformed with the right curry, gravy, dressing.

take the salisbury steak. a simple burger patty set on a sizzling plate and drenched with gravy. butter, mushroom, cream and wine gravy - each lends a special flavor to the dish and i've always favored the mushroom gravy used by casa verde.

today i had to change my list of favorites when i sampled dong juan's version.

thick quarter pound beef patty, spiced and grilled and set on a sizzling plate with the absolutely tastiest butter mushroom gravy. the clincher was when i took a knife to cut a portion and juice started to leak out of the burger. i was tempted to order another serving of rice so i can wipe off every last bit of sauce left on the pan.

on the distaff side, we ordered fried mozzarella sticks and found it to be too bland. even the tomato based salsa sauce wasn't enough to give it that extra flavor. they could have mixed …

Salo Salo

"salo salo" is a filipino expression that celebrates "togetherness" in just about anything. most of the time, the term salo-salo refers to sharing a meal usually in a fiesta environment.

this concept is not alien in other cultures. take for example the muslim custom of sharing a biryani (something similar to paella) among family and friends where the dish is set in the middle of the table and you take portions from a pile. gogi gui is popular in korean culinary culture where diners gather around a table to grill various meats and eat it with kimchi or seasoned with spices and wrapped in vegetables.

last sunday i got invited by friends to join them for a meal and we ended up in a japanese yakiniku place.

the set up is similar to the korean gogi gui where you have a griller set in the middle of the table and you get to choose various meats from an eat-all-you can selection. you also have the option of going ala carte and have a single order served.

the ritual of coo…

Cine Pelikula Movies af Popcorn

to start off, i'm NOT a credible movie critic. i don't hold degrees and enough movie hours logged to even qualify me to say anything that can influence you to change your raving reviews of Skyline (which TOTALLY sucked you blue brained alien).

with that said, here's a list of movies that suckered me to shell out a minimum of Php 160 a pop (add another hundred for useless 3D effects)

for the first time, i was able to keep my eyes open throughout the whole movie, well, except for the first part involving a graphic, clinical embalming process.

anthony hopkins gives me the creeps.

with that said, the movie makes you think long after it is over. if it is any consolation, it can make you rethink your faith. i prayed DIFFERENTLY that night. that much i can share.

hmmm, i wasn't really ready to shell out Php 270 to watch a movie that has the highest probability of being done in 2D then converted into 3D to get us to shell out more moolah.

then again, midway through the movie i …

Lonely Hearts Club

for the most part, running is a "me" sport. you hit the roads (or treadmill) and carry yourself to a destination only you can chart. in the philippines, it has evolved into a social sport where running in a group is preferred.

with that said, I don't want to be Rey Ferdinand Maribao just now.

not in this moment in Cebu where running, fun runs and marathons have become a sport that has cut across social status, gender, race, age and yes, WEIGHT. the demographics include beginners, recreational, serious, competitive and elite runners but not all can boast of bodies like the running couple noy and amale jopson or pull off the weird crazy "do" of rio. the point is, running has become the newest equalizer and has always espoused an "inclusive" attitude.

so you can imagine when Rey casually commented in facebook that runners should not join the ungo runners club as they do more walking and running than actual running, and to add insult to injury, he said t…

meaty mighty flavor

why does the sausage stuffed, meat lover's pizza of pizza hut still taste like cheese? tons of cheese.

i have resigned to the fact that i probably won't find pizza that has the umami taste and not just the common pinoy version that has sour, salty and sweet all over it. umami, as blogged from the internet defines the flavor akin to vetsin and that distinct meaty flavor usually associated with a good heavy steak, or bulalo.

it was then a pleasant surprise that the meat lover's pizza of dong juan lived up to it's claim as their best seller (am not saying it is the best pizza i've tasted) aside from their burgers.

although dong juan's burgers were good, the extenders used drowned the otherwise full meaty flavor that i've come to expect from don merto's version.

then again, this post is all about the pizza. did i forget to mention that it got served on a biscuit thin and crispy crust? i definitely tasted hints of sour dough that gave the crust that extra pu…

Soshyal Meryenda

what's more soshyal than eating masi (sticky rice stuffed with candied peanut sauce), cassava cake, minatamis na saging at kamote, lecheng flan, corn pudding and an unlimited supply of sikwate? (natib tsokolate made from cacao)

aba, e di eat it in the lobby of radisson blu.

i wanted to order the mango shake, but at Php 200++, the value for money didn't compare with the afternoon pinoy high tea set worth Php 300+ with unlimited supply of sikwate.

just in case you're thinking i make it a habit to order overly expensive kakanin, i was in radisson blu waiting for my boss to arrive for our meeting. ugh. don't tell him i had it charged to his room. just kidding!

which reminds me, rb is having the chinese high tea for chinese new year for the same price, i think it starts this February 3 and runs until the 6th. a limited array of dimsum for your leisurely consumption and unlimited jasmine tea.

speaking of high tea, the concept is very british although it is suspiciously the …