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Complete Cycle

The last entry I made was done around January of 2005, perhaps it is apt to close off the year with a Christmas Entry... Technically, it's 24th Dec 2005 the eve before Christmas. This year is very interesting to say the very least.

For one, I just knew about long lost relatives based in Cebu, Philippines where I'm currently assigned. Second, I met the family at the death of my uncle Tito Moring. The thought is a bit morbid, but it's nice to touch base with Family even when am losing one of them.

It rather brings home a painful thought about my own mother who was diagnosed with Cancer September this year. Pancreatic Cancer, one of the most painful ones. She's had to endure a lot of woes, and this is another that she has to bear - payment for the sins of the family.

Mom's reacting pretty well to the treatment and hopefully, the CT Scan next year will indicate that the tumor has not grown at all. If that's the case, my sister's planning to take her back to the US…

Off to new Adventures

It was a sign, me travelling on the 31st of December 2004. Local superstition held that whatever you are doing during New Year's eve is a portent of your incoming year. If that's the case then I'd be jetsetting or moving all over the place this year.

Not that I hate the idea, then again... So far I've quit my job 1st Jan 2005, moved out of my house 7th Jan 2005, flew out of Sri Lanka to Malaysia 11th Feb, celebrated Cong Xi Fa Chai (Chinese New Year) in an absurdly desserted Kuala Lumpur, checked in checked out of my hotel on the 12th, moved to a friend's place and went bar hopping on the same night, had breakfast, lunch and dinner in different restaurants in one day on the 13th, went to Church where people sell all kinds of services, wares and what have you right at the gate. I of course concluded my whirlwind of a tour with a purely platonic date with my girl-friend on the 14th in Petronas Tower (magnificent view of the towers at night!).

Sights visited: Merdeka Sq…