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the sign

"Lord, give me a sign..."

no, i haven't fallen victim to overly melodramatic movie lines. on the other hand, i actually did use these words while attending mass last sunday (Redemptorist, Cebu City). you see, i have been increasingly dissatisfied with matters regarding the church but not necessarily my faith. to a point that i am debating whether i should even attend mass.

i was asking myself if i wanted to attend mass given the fact that the church is getting more political. sure, i understand liberation theology and standing up for what is morally right. but that is exactly the same thing that has been bothering me, the moral thingy.

the local church is proclaiming that the current administration has no moral leadership. i am not refuting that claim, on the other hand, the church could have said the same thing about itself. except that they rather not comment on anything when it comes to issues facing the institutional church. and there are tons of dirt, make that hundred…

i need a hug

there are days that even when i am surrounded by friends and people i know well, i feel completely, utterly alone. the inclement weather the past few days is not helping at all. there are no words to describe this melancholic feeling, nor am i attempting to rationalize the emotion.

these are times that i wish for a hug.

there are no words needed, no reassuring talk, a simple hug that accepts the feeling as it is and provides comfort. i need a hug, we all need a hug every once in a while.

here's a free hug, from me to you.

looking for me?

there are many, maaaany ways to get to my blog. of course if you're a regular reader you probably have it bookmarked by now (ehem!) or probably got to this point by a mailing list.

on the other hand, there are visitors who get to visit my site by doing a search in google or yahoo and eventually end up here.

that's where the fun part comes in. i did a random check on my site tracker and logged the detailed search keywords used by internet users all over the world that eventually led to my own private world.

callboy in boracay
evolution of peso or cebuanas
flu vaccination and botox
inquirer dingdong dantes 2008
bpo industry evolution
story of ouija movie
kris aquino pussy
how become a callboy

try it for yourself.


"ka sabot na bisaya?" - i get that a lot. the locker room attendant assumed that i am a porengerm. and here i thought that he was just trying darned hard to talk to me in english because i work for call centers.

at six feet tall on the stocky muscular side, hair, more hair on my face, arms, legs, chest, back (yes, i haven't considered waxing) and on other netherworld parts of my body sets me apart from typical malay stereotype.

when i travelled to tokyo, japan for some work people there assumed that i was part of the northern ainu tribe, the original inhabitants of japan in hokkaido. tall, hairy, stocky with slanted eyes and moorish noses- it is not hard to find the similarity.

try to find me in the group picture to the left. yeah it is an old picture but am sure you can find me there.

when i did some work based in sri lanka, people thought that i look like a nepalese which is pretty much a good mixture of northern indian and mongol chinese. i gotta admit i purposely grew …

Balentayn Date Raffle

Luvless dis Valentine's? I-txt mo lng si Dingdong Dantes at bka ikaw ang lucky n mkakad8 nya!Txt DINGDONG to 4627.P2/txt.No alerts?Txt STOP to 2855

- SunCellular

hmmmm, and more hmmmm.... i know i have long and curly hair, i can barely dance more less do some acting - on the other hand, i don't have any fantasies to become "marimar" in the life of dingdong dantes.

Here's a list why a date with Dingdong Dantes will never workout:

1. I am not a pedophile - he is very young and i am younger. err... much much younger... este, older.

2. I am not a fan - electric, manual, "paypay" or local MOVIE fan. The only local celebrities that I will admit to being a fan of is Pokwang, Eugene Domingo, Ai Ai delas alas, Ruffa Mae. Unless Dingdong starts to get really big breasts, become a character actor (a very very kind way of saying - hindi maganda o gwapo), or suddenly develop spectacular thespian skills (when he attempts drama i laugh, when he tries to do comedy i fall as…

I Hate Jesus

kathy WHO?? griffins WHAAAT? before i got the email from my high school batchmate, the name Kathy Griffins doesn't even register a blip in my otherwise limited existence. You can guess that the person is probably not in the A-List of hollywood, not even close to B or C, probably more on the D-List, as in "Don't Know Her".

[QUOTE]At the Emmy awards, Kathy Griffin's acceptance speech said, "A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."

She went on to say, "Suck it, Jesus. This is my God now!" referring to the Emmy. [UNQUOTE]

If she said something like this about the muslim prophet Mohammed, whole muslim nations would raise their arms and voices to condemn this and it won't be a surprise if she'd be targeted for assassination.

Fortunately for her, she's hundreds of years too late from the middle ages where her words will probably earn her a bonfire. …

liar liar pants on faaaaeeeeer.

abs cbn news representative in congress reported that a standing ovation greeted the speech of jdv. but not for the reason you probably think. a long drawn out 59 minute speech that is 49 minutes tooooo loooooong. people were cheering that it finally ended. in fact, prior to his speech, it was rumored that only 100 representatives were voting "yes" to unseat him. his long speech obviously irritated enough tongress rep to bump up the number to 132.

his long theatrical delivery is only rivalled by pablo garcia, another representative that's known to use a thousand words when three should be enough.

under the threat of being unseated, he lashed out and spouted accusations left and right against the government. he may have a point, but his case is the same as the kettle calling the pot black. his exit is as ungracefull as a pig fitted with ballet tutu and asked to dance the nut cracker... on ice.

one rep wisely said, let him have his speech and and just get over it. but noooooo…

Bed Mates

It is everyone's fantasy - someone crawling into bed with you while you sleep and give you a love bite. not if it is a bed bug.

considering that i am booked in a five star hotel where the nightly rates average 11,000 pesosess (add additional sssss for symbolic representation of EXPENSIVE) i certainly expected a little bit better pest control - and i don't mean taking pesticide in congress to get rid of the damned but very very rich rodents.

i texted a very close friend who is the PR director of another five star hotel about the incident, he wanted me to complain and ask for an UPGRADE.

i was incredulous, i mean it is bad enough to get bitten by a bed bug but i have no fantasies of le stat making an entrance in my bedroom. i don't want that kind of upgrade. the worst thing is that they didn't even accomodate my request for late checkout because they are preparing for the chinese new year celebration. i mean, that's the least they can do to make up for the sleepless ho…

Pimp Daddy

washing long hair is not an easy task. specially when you're in the middle of a shampoo and your business phone starts to bleat. i got a call this morning in the middle of a shower, dripping water all over the place, i answered my phone only to be met with dead silence on the other end. heller. leche na pipi na to, walang sign language ang telepono!

i usually don't answer unlisted numbers but this is my business phone where potential clients give me a call for just about anything. yeah anything, including movies currently screening complete with mini reviews, flight schedules, restaurant recommendation - you get the point.

it wasn't a surprise that a text message was blinking at me when i finished up with my bathroom rituals. i guess the caller just happened to drop the call when i picked it up previously.

"pwd nyo po b kng bgyan na grl txtmte na horny?dnt wori d po tau mgkakilala."

translated to - can you please give me a girl textmate that's …


Tongress Representative Jose De Venecia said on TV that the President has assured him that she is not supporting any ouster plan to get his yoda ass off the post of speaker of the house (i've long suspected that manay gina IS the speaker of the house anyways).

waving off any persistent rumors that the president is pushing for his ouster, he was quoted to have said "I'd like to hear it from the horse's mouth...". what a nice choice of simile. I personally don't want to be compared to a horse, in our president's case, a dwarf horse.


Kotongress Rep Nograles is said to be pushing for the ouster as he has his sights on the post of Bose Speaker. never mind the fact that manay gina is the fairy godmother of his two kids. he blames it on the many many years that manay gina has not remitted the required tithe for birthdays, Christmas, valentines, easter, and the usual 20% kickback for school projects of his kids – proving once and for all, that “all is fair…


I have never, ever puked in my whole life. Not even when I had to eat half-formed ducks stewing in its own embryotic liquid (otherwise known to filipinos as "balut"), or downed six bottles of that extra potent beer red horse, the eXtra strong beer.

oh wait, i did puke when britney spears claimed she's a virgin sometime in 2000, October, in a british tabloid interview. and i quote... uh... next topic please.

in any case, i watched Cloverfield because i was expecting some sort of Godzilla type revival of sorts based on the trailer of the movie. Flashback to some years back and i remember watching Blairwitch Project and came out of the movie slightly dizzy and nauseated - blame it on the extremely grainy and jerky camera movement.

imagine that and multiply that by a thousand times with Cloverfield.

i mean the premise of the movie is a rip-off of Godzilla attacking New York (the Japanese is fixated on Tokyo getting trashed by monsters/robots/aliens and hello kitty, Americans hav…