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a friend sent a message and i just have to share it with you folks:

Adversity: That which does not kill me only postpones the inevitable.

Perception: Why try hard to make yourself look goo when you can surround yourself with those who look bad.

Cluelessness: There are not stupid questions, just a lot of inquisitive idiots.

and that's why i love to stay right smack in the middle of portly, overweight americans when i do my workout. :-)

Eggciting Topic

there's this new joint called steaks and ribs right across the office and my colleagues decided to grab dinner before heading back to the office. i decided to be "adventurous" and ordered ribs while everyone else stuck to the basic set meal combinations.

lyndon ordered salisbury steak (burger patty + egg + rice + generous portion of mushroom gravy sauce served on a sizzling platter) and the waitress asked how he liked his eggs.

may quipped: "scratched"

there you go, the whole dinner turned a bit green with talks about hayden (that's like so dead news) to bitter ocampo, and kristine hermosa doing a disappearing act to the US because she reportedly had to abort the handiwork of gabby lopez. in short, it was like dinner in front of SNN - less abundat and krises.

the conversation was hotter than the ribs i ordered. literally. i mean gnawing on cold meat is not exactly my idea of a cold dessert although the cloying sweet sauce sure made me think i was having my swee…

MasterCard Honored Here

Overheard this while enjoying my lunch of adobong pugo: "Life was a lot simpler when mothers and fathers were honored and NOT major credit cards." ang deep talaga magisip ng staff ng Peninsula.

- Maning

pili(Pino) Taste

fiipinos love to eat out and would troop to their favorite place of food worship at the slightest excuse for celebrating. the fact that mae is heading back to manila is the most convenient alibi to head off to pino for a filipino buffet.

arguably, pino is the best priced vis a vis quality for a filipino buffet in cebu city. there are other options but not even "the port", considered to be the most popular, can come close to the quality of home-cooked goodness that pino manages to serve every day for lunch.

the keyword is home-cooked.

the problem with buffet is that you're preparing for the whole barangay whereas most filipino dishes are best cooked to serve a family of six. i know you understand what i mean when your humba starts to taste like adobo and if anyone claims that humba is the same as adobo then they probably had their taste buds murdered early on. that's what buffets usually do.

on the other hand, pino manages to serve distinctly flavored filipino dishes l…

Countless Meetings

yesterday i attended back-to-back, front and center, 360 degrees, 24 hours seven days a week sort of meetings. my ears are aching from wearing the headset, my brain is numb and on top of that i have 351 emails that sort of magically popped up like mushroom in my mailbox.

and even though i wished i was one of those that can "multi-task" while on a conference bridge, i have to listen attentively to every bit of the conversation as i don't want to give the lame excuse of "line's not clear, can you repeat that?"

besides, god gave me two hands and one brain. we're called human, not octopus. darn.

Places of Worship

we often take for granted what is right before us. in this case, cebu has got one of the most diverse selections of church architecture spread around the island. in my travels around this island paradise, i have collected digital memories of these landmarks that are slowly fading into oblivion and memory.

New Friends

just posting some pictures of new friends i made in my recent trip to bantayan. thank you guys! it was fun doing the island hopping and all night karaoke trip!