Dimsumting in my Mind

it was past twelve noon and red was craving for food. we had our stomachs set on teriyaki boy as it recently opened it doors in Ayala Cebu but the line outside waiting to get a seat made us do an about face and troop instead to Harbour city for chinese dimsum.

Dimsum Galore!

i resisted (very badly i think...) to pick on the dimsum that ron and red ordered from carts that waiters wheel around the restaurant. three types of carts go around: fried food, steamed samples and dessert cups. you can also get rice toppings from any of the cart and choose from pork, chicken and beef. everything is priced at Php 40 per serving, the service is fast, easy and convenient as you can pick out your food from the carts without having to wait for orders to be served.

morsels and pieces of the delicious selection disappeared quickly as they worked on the food like piranhas on a frenzy. all along i twiddled my thumb as i resisted the temptation to dig in.

you see, i ordered the combination hotpot that has chicken, pork, beef, chinese sausage and vegetables layered on top of sticky rice and served in a hot hot hot ceramic bowl. added with a generous portion of sweetened soy sauce and spicy chili sauce, it picks up the flavors of the different meats competing for my tastebud's attention. easily, this is my favorite.

priced at Php 90, the dish is a real value for money option. be warned, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to prepare the dish. believe me, it is worth every craving second.

just in case you're wondering how the table looked like after the feasting frantic frenzy, here's a snap of the empty table:

(click on read.more for restaurant details and contact numbers)

Harbour City
(032) 231-6283
3rd Level, Paseo Ciudad
Ayala Center Cebu


Bon said…
Holy Smokes!!! mouth watering dumplings...ang diet wala na...hahaha lolz
pussinboots said…
In case you want to try making it at home you can buy the soup mix for Chinese hotpot, as well as the ceramic bowl itself. And just throw in whatever veggies and meat in it. Of course, don't forget to boil the noodles separately and mix it in afterwards! Sarap! :)
Cacho said…
hiya :) i tried the recommendation but used cooked sticky rice instead. MAS masarap ha ha ha ha. the one in harbour city is rice kasi...

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