Belt Tightening.

do you know how much i have to work out to burn 1/3 of a pound? i probably have to do two hours of spinning back to back with a kick punch class and hold off having dinner for three nights before i see the weighing scale dipping just a third of a pound.

now, how much time do i need to gain it all back? five minutes. (click on read.more to find out how)

the new jollibee 1/3 champ burger lives up to its promise of a heavier, heftier serving than its original quarter pounder version. i swear i have to adjust my belt after having one.


Mr. Jao said…
While I lose the weight faster than you amigo, simply eat normally for a week, I gain it just as quickly.

Will we triumph against the nefarious weighing scale or tape measure?

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