simone: hey! i read about you in the paper yesterday (Sunstar, 24 Nov 2008, A22)

cacho: feck. i guess they finally wrote about THAT. whatever you read, don't believe a word. i wasn't there and i wasn't with the people they probably mentioned in the news...

simone: huh? sure but you have a picture together with...

cacho: double feck. okay, that wasn't me, that wasn't cuenco and that person you think looks like yoda IS yoda and that big fat tall guy is not mike a., that's jabba the hut. and i absolutely did not receive Php 500,000 pesos from Pandak. as cuenco said, it was all a joke.

simone: uh, so that wasn't the 3rd mega Hilton Anniversary party?

cacho: ah. oh. hmmm. that one. ah. okay... *blush* yeah, that was me. BUT i didn't use part of the 500 thousand to buy the uber delicious wagyu beef burger from Hilton!


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