Baboy Cue

when i eat my pork barbecue i usually leave the end-most portion of the stick for the last bite. yes, that fatty, delicious pork fat that's grilled to charred perfection.

that's why my interest got piqued when judith mentioned what she refers to possibly the "best" barbecue in town. skeptic that i am, i wanted to personally inspect the claim and headed off to BB Joes (The Walk, IT Park) to order the set meal: Two pieces Pork BBQ and a cup of rice for the price of Php 85.

nothing extraordinary upon initial inspection except that the meat is not colored red like every other barbecue place. pinoy barbecue is not complete unless it is basted in banana catsup. the meat looked soft enough and had the oh-so-sparkly glisten of oil coating the meat.

there were no visible fat pieces and i was already a bit disappointed until i realized that they cleverly cut small pieces of fat and inserted it in between the meat cutlets. that way, the pork fat slowly roasts to a crisp and drips its fat on the meat. a simple but ingenious idea of keeping the meat very tender and juicy.

is it the best barbecue i've ever tasted? hardly. a bit expensive even at Php 35 a piece, then again it deserves a good review for the creative preparation. (click on read.more for restaurant details)

BB Joes
The Walk, IT Park,
Lahug, Cebu City


Anonymous said…
mas masarap ang liempo nila.
Cacho said…
kay.... ikaw ba yan? we were just talking about this one in the gym he he he.

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