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Seeing Green

i absolutely hate it when i can't do my usual workout. i get grumpy. traveling for work is a pain. it disrupts your usual cycle and finding creative ways to get some exercise can be a challenge. instead of doing my endless hamster run on the treadmill, i found myself going for an early morning jog in makati. well, not really jog-jog as i was a bit self conscious running through streets slowly filling up with cars heading to work.

i did my runs in a park in legaspi village in makati where they conveniently built a jogging track. then again, that's not really my point for this entry. you see, legaspi village is one of the greenest areas in central makati. greenbelt is a few minutes of leisurely walk from bsa mansions and ayala made sure that there are pockets of greenery in and around the area.

walking through the concrete jungle is not as hot and humid with trees giving shade and a breather from polluted air. i just hope that they won't tear down these parks for more building…

Adobo Loco

of all filipino dishes, adobo remain as the most recognized and popular. it has been referred to as the soul of filipino food. arguably, it can lay claim to that title as every region has a different version and almost every old family has a secret recipe.

what most people don't know though is that adobo is more than a dish but a way to preserve the food without refrigeration. the spices and acidic components of vinegar mixed with salt help to keep the meat edible even when it's left on the table without refrigeration.

throughout the years, the adobo has evolved into a virtual family of ingenious variations from the dry, suacy, vinegar based, coconut cream infused, hot chili, sweetened, mix-a-combo-meats etc.

One of the most interesting variation of adobo is not exactly "adobo". The chinese have flied lice and the filipino have adobo rice. once you're done with cooking adobo, the tastiest bits of meat and sauce stick to the pan - that's when you thrown in more o…

Picture of Christ (Do not open if u cannot forward)

I liked the fact that I was warned not to open this email unless I can't forward. Yup, it's the usual doomsday... aieeeee.... bad luck-if-you-don't-forward-once-you've-seen-it thing.

then again, how many times have I gotten emails from friends who just wished to get lucky by sending out emails with headlines such as "I am not superstitious, I just want to get some luck." right.

here's a thought for everyone, bad luck come our way without us praying for it, what more God's Blessings?

You won't get biblical plagues if you don't forward this thing, but it is nice to share one's appreciation of all the good things from Him.

- this is an email that I sent out to friends, i decided that it is nice enough to share in my blog.

Aborted Thoughts

a couple of days back, a friend asked me a question:

"What do you tell a guy who tells his girl friend to abort their baby? The girl was just informing him and not even asking to get married."

i racked my brain for something really scathing, cruel. i tried to remember all the melodramatic dialog that peppered my Filipino television and cinematic encounters. I took a deep breath and did my best Nora Aunor impersonation:

"My... baby... is not A PIG!"

Then again that was not my answer (darn, why do I come up with really witty one liners days AAAAAFTER?), i looked my friend in the eye and said:

"sana, nung buntis ang nanay mo sa yo, pinalaglag ka rin."

i apologize for those who can't understand the dialog as it should be delivered in the vernacular, but it roughly translates to the following:

"i wish that your mom aborted you."

i thought that it was just a theoretical question, next thing I know he rushes outside to tell PoorGirl to memorize the exact w…


i apologize for the shock. but i had to get this picture out. i am not a rihanna fan, nor am i a chris brown follower. what i am is a person who is against violence, particularly against women.

the lyris of her song Unfaithful foretold the future in a rather morbid manner:

And I know that he knows I'm unfaithful
and it kills him inside
To know that I am happy with some other guy
I can see him dying

I don't want to hurt him anymore
I don't wanna take away his life
I don't wanna be, a murderer

Do a gender reversal and you can figure out that she's referring to the womanizing affairs of C.Brown - Poor girl. there's too much that has been said about the incident that it doesn't deserve another sophomoric commentary. let the picture tell its own tale.

How To Fail School Tests in Style

everyone's been stumped with a school test at one point in their lives. we try to scribble down any answer and some sort of solution and a fervent prayer that the teacher will give points for the effort. heck, if the answer looks complicated enough the teacher may just give additional credits.

on the other hand, there are individuals who decided that they'd rather fail that test in style. here are actual samples of student answers to really tough questions.

Sunday Pasta

i wanted something different this sunday. by some stroke of luck, i heard from a friend that the old spaghetti house opened in SM Cebu. i've been a fan of this pasta place in manila so i couldn't miss this chance to go and visit.

for those that are not pure pasta fans they have pizza, desserts, rice combos and pasta combo dishes. i got the Golden Crusted Chicken Ham & Chesse Crepe with Angel Hair Pomodoro and my companion had the Smoked Bavarian Sausage with Fettuccine Alfredo.

feeling adventurous, we ordered a full portion of Garlic Adobo with Ricotta Cheese to share. the pomodoro and alfredo combo meals were excellent and rather hefty but we were a bit disappointed with the garlic adobo dish as it was too watery. 2 out of 3 is not a bad deal.

as a bonus, there was a slight commotion as people turned their head to watch a lovely lady walk through the restaurant. the group came out of a semi private function room at the very end of the restaurant and it turned out to be val…

Guimaras Revisited

i dug up old photos and realized that i practically have pictures for every calendar day (January 1 - Dec 31) spread over various years. i didn't realize that february is some sort of travel month for me. Malaysia, Guimaras, Shangri-la. I'm posting a new set of pictures from my trip to Guimaras last Feb 5, 2006.

a family by the beach

loading up the motorcycles on the boat-ferry crossing the panay-guimaras channel

early morning, looking out to the sea

iris and friends

riding the jeep and taking a self portrait.

Past Forward

it's not a typographic error. you see, four years ago, on this very date I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I visited a dear friend on my way back to the Philippines after a two year stint in Sri Lanka.

Incidentally, my friend's name is Val (short for Valentina) and it's a bit funny that tomorrow is Valentine's day. hmmmm.

Deaf and Dumb

I really pity the first gentleman. didn't know he's deaf and dumb. apparently, his doctors see him fit to do a round of golf but not attend a "hearing" session. you see, he can't hear, and he can't speak. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


rainy day. i got really wet. dumaguete --> dropped by bohol --> on my way back to cebu. this is a common sight, boat-people begging for money and coins that passengers throw overboard. they often dive into the water. entertaining? to some degree, but nevertheless a cruel thing.

in this instance though, i was tempted to throw anchor, gargantuan chains and clap gleefully when it hits her right smack on the face. am i being insensitive? look closely, there's a kid on the boat. rainy day. i got really wet. the kid too. i can buy medicine, but i suspect they can't.

In Denial!

"I believe that the historical evidence is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler. I believe there were no gas chambers."

- (reinstated ex-excommunicated) Bishop Richard Williamson

This is the fellow that Pope Benedict XVI reinstated as bishop. Needless to say, the Pope got a lot of flack, specially from his own country, Germany.

This is the type of bishop that believes there are no gay priests and that stories of priests fathering children out of wedlock is just propaganda. right.

on the other hand, the bishop issued an apology to the pope from his blog for causing so much "unnecessary distress and problems".


except that he never took back his statement.

To read the complete transcript of his blog entry, click on read.more.

Eleison Comments LXXXIII

Following in the steps of Our Lord (Jn. XVIII, 23) and St. Paul (Acts, XXIII, 5), Archbishop Lefebvre gave his Society the example of never so …

Eyes Wide Shut!

people are making a big fuss over miley cyrus making a slant eyed pose. apparently, some asian groups are interpreting it as racist. they conveniently missed out on the fact that the single asian in the picture was trying his darndest to open his eyes WIDE. does that mean he's mocking the entire non asian population? suckers.

A Father's Love

right now am a bit upset with doodle. you see, she made me cry.

i really am not a fan of forwarded email, but there are always exceptions to rules. this is one of them.

the term ironman brings to mind images of a gruelling race where you start with a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometres) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometres) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometres) marathon along the coast of the Big Island in Hawaii.

Now imagine a father completing the marathon with his paraplegic son. Impossible? This video shows that nothing is Impossible with a Father's Love for His Son.

Nothing wrong with crying really, but not in the middle of a coffee shop. Darn. I hate you doodle.