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endless chatter

just a quick note: found this really cool tool called cbox that allows you to create a message board on your website or blog. visitors can leave messages :) coolest ever!

so what are you waiting for? join this community of nomads...

island hopping

i would have welcomed some rain in this heat. except that it is july in the philippines and by this time, we should be knee deep in flood water or getting our roof fly off to never-never land. someones' curse is someone else's blessing

with that in mind, i had a recent island hopping trip off mactan island. first drop was in pandanon island which is technically part of bohol. an interesting place as it has a sandbar and some of our friends enjoyed some jet skiing activity. architectural note: the island has a very quaint chapel done in white reminiscent of mediterranean type of buildings.

picture: approaching the island

not far from us, some koreans were squatting enjoying their barbecued meats and getting ridiculously sunburned under the scorching heat that's reflected off the white sand. a thought flashed into my head that i am probably more of a foreigner in my own country compared to the koreans who have literally explored every nook and corner of this country.

frankly tho…

ouija - movie notes

having exhausted all entertainment options from harry potter, transformers, simpsons, ratatouille and the national news, i allowed myself (willingly) to watch ouija starring all the starlets in philippine showbiz.

simply put, the story is too simple, the cinematography dirty, muddied, dark, out of focus. the haunting becomes routine after a couple of the same-style scare tactics and the director employed a lot of the stop-motion techniques that takes out in-between frames: the result is that the ghost seem to be doing a michael jackson impersonation.

and hey, quit with the wall-climbing, crouching and crawling thing - this is not a sequel to spiderman.

i could have used the money i paid (php 130) to buy tons of barbecue in larshan and probably have a bigger scare thinking if i'm going to end up with hepatitis. to the un-initiated, larshan is the mecca of street-side barbecue in cebu that's a verifiable tourist attraction (imagine tons of koreans squatting along the street munchin…

of funerals and weddings

i got a message from a friend very recently who said he'd rather attend a funeral service than a wedding.

in funerals, no one is going to ask you "so, when are you next?"

people are talking about - 2007.07.25

the laws of congressional physics, budgets always goes up but never goes down. proposed budget up to Php 1.227 trillion in 2008 from Php 1.136 trillion in 2007

villar calls arroyo a "lame duck". good thing he didn't call her pan-duck, or ugly duckling.

newly elected (opposition) senators indulge in name-calling: hoy cayetano! hoy villar! hoy lacson! - somehow the words feel like cuss words on my tongue.

cebu congressman pabling garcia, quoted after the election of jdv for 5th term as speaker - "never say die", he must have forgotten he's already 80.

harry potter released and fastest selling book in history - got mine already and finished it in two days.

ricky lo wrote an article about dolphy celebrating his 80th berday, running out of words to fill his space, he added the menu list from appetizer down to drinks. good writing.

man texts suicide note to girl (PDI, A24, MetroBriefs) - actual text "ikaw me kasalanan nito :( babarilin ko sarili ko! BANG - ouch, d…

Alayb Alayb

most people are not familiar with this gospel song "Alive, Alive" that is usually being sung during easter by christians, with matching hands thrown up in the air. the only difference is that it usually is pronounced as "alayb alayb jesus es alayb..."

i felt like throwing my hands in the air and sing that song when i heard of the news that fr. bossi was released by the demons. God be praised.

i would like to believe that his insistent effort to try and convert his captors finally had them scrambling madly, covering their ears and shouting la la la la laaaaaaa. that or they finally got paid for his board and lodging.

let's not be naive and believe they did this with good hearts, they had it cut out the day they decided that cutting heads is another form of sport.

Corrupted Prostitutes and Corrupt Politicians

what's the difference between a prostitute and a corrupt politician? corrupt politicians don't have to COME - to work.

i got the chance to check out NBN and saw a video clip of neophyte congressmen who were given the "orientation" by fellow tenured members of congress.

"you have the best job in the world, you don't have to come to work and still get your salaries."

i thought i heard it wrong, but the station replayed the clip and it seemed like the video was on slow motion as the congressman uttered the same words, i half expected to see a forked tongue slither out and lick the upper lip.

too bad i did not get his name. i have a special voodoo doll reserved for people just like him. oh wait, my jabba the hut action figure is too special for his kind.


on the far side of the world, the recent scandal regarding a black book containing a client list of high powered members of congress and senate of the united states draw a quick response from the medi…

random thoughts

i was a bit apprehensive going into a training session to teach financial management from an operations perspective to a group of managers. i thought that it probably is a bit geeky and would bore them half to snooze-land. it doesn't help that the training starts at three in the morning and end just ater nine am.

i am glad the fear turned out to be nothing as everyone was very active and inter-active throghout the session. sometimes, too active i had to bring their attention back to the business at hand.

it did help that towards early morning, the message was pretty clear... money does make the world, corporate world, go round and round. :)


Public Computers

i'm in a public internet cafe, trying to squeeze some work and sending off emails as my globe visibility is nearly INVISIBLE. that's another story.

going back, this computer is getting more sex than i do. it is simply, absolutely FUCKED up.

that's it folks

The Caped Crusader - Pope Benedict

the recent statement made by the pope about christian CHURCHES as ecclesiastical communities is expected to draw flak, not only from the protestant group, but from catholics who are already feeling alienated by the direction the pontiff is taking.

a quick reminder that we are of the gentilis stock, a group previously excluded from salvation by virtue of our faith in Jesus Christ who is one and the same as Yaweh. yes, at one time, before the catholic faith became a vast practice, we were the prosecuted ones.

his recent pronouncements to return to old practices sends shivers up my spine as it is reminiscent of pharisees putting more importance to form and titles rather than the message of salvation.

the title said it all, are we in for a theological crusade to which a mythical dream for catholic christian supremacy is the goal? the older crusades accomplished the brutal gain of wealth and power by the catholic church, but it also succeeded in widening the crack between religious sects.


people are talking about - 2007.07.08

quick scan of the newspaper, tabloids, local tv shows and here's what people are talking about:

ropa and her PNP security, a matter of national interest to protect a delusional starlet.

the dissolution of the senate opposition, we still haven't gotten over 2007 and the politicians are thinking of 2010.

guingona sings an off-key tune, free erap because he is a changed man. never mind the billions we lost to plunder.

totally entertaining, but absolutely fake wrestling shows - the gwen and tommy match.

erap writing in perfect english using high-falluten words to describe the conspiracy by the nuno-in-the-palace to convict him.

erap writing in english, an oxymoron.

gretchen barreto "caught" unaware by the media in the airport - yeah right, after a million texts confirming her flight details from who else, john estrada

another boy starlet (j.manalo) caught in the airport for a "bomba" joke. they totally misunderstood him, he is a bomba star.

j.manalo said he is not aware…

Convict Estrada

i don't want to forget and forgive. guingona seem to have forgotten (but not forgiven) what estrada has done to the country. despite his cheap and amateurish attempt to paint a "new" man, the heinous crime we are talking about is plunder of national coffers and betrayal of public interest and trust.

but it is obvious that public interest is not a priority of most politicians, private interest, compounded private interest is more like it.

i say guingona has not forgiven estrada because he never overturned his earlier assertion (year 2000, as senator, guingona delivered the famous "i accuse" speech that highlighted the romance between sison and estrada and their love child: jueteng)but instead went on a delusional branch that we should free estrada because he is a changed man.

that meant that estrada was flawed from the very beginning, or that guingona himself believed that estrada was and is still guilty of the charges, only that we should set him free because the…

Ropa Bektas

Ropa tenks she es layk Paris Hilton, except dat paris made her milyon dollars from stupid parents while ropa makes digging digging her milyons from turkish husbandry. ah, wat she says about locking her en da closet? her closet big to walk en, like whole nepa hut big enap for jabba da hut. ah, jabba da hut sister of anabel.

i ask ropa wer da children, she does not know. i ask wat dress paris hilton wore two months bepor, she know. every taym i kol to ask where, she say house. house my hairy ass, house of anader man. she like muslim man, double husband at a time. she not princess, she terd place only. me prince. she does not scared me, i wander why she not scared.

she say no winner in dis fight, ah, she big winner, like lotto because she got millions from me when i was hospital. anabel does not layk to talk to me, me too, not layk to talk to me this anabel. she ask me to find her prince of arabia so she can sell ropa to highest bidder.

she not nice lady, she not lady at all, i think she is…

milk code - slogans

while the department of health is slugging it out with infant milk formula makers whether mothers have the option to stick a baby to their breasts or have them feed off the udders of a cow, i was wondering what would be the best slogan for doh to adopt in their information campaign. here's a couple of suggestion:

suso ko, i-suso mo
utong ko, para sa yo
utong ko, i-suso mo, i-suso rin ng tatay mo
utong ko, utong mo, utong nating lahat, utong ina mo
mommycream, pinipisil ng mapiling ina


i had my flu vaccine shot last june 5, 2007. didn't realize that it was actually a botox shot to half my face. Evening of June 6 i noticed a tinglig sensation around the right side of my mouth and some spasms on the corner of my right eye. my sense of taste was gone as well, almost everything i ate tasted bitter or like paper mush in my mouth.

june 7 i woke up and realized that i can't move my cheeks, my upper right lip can't even manage a smirk or a smile, water gushes out uncontrollably on the right side of my mouth when i brush my teeth, my right eye can't shut properly, my speech is affected because of the weak upper lip and i seem to have doubled my hearing abilities.

first thing that came to mind was a stroke and my bestfriend (who happens to be a doctor) did some quick tests to check for any stroke indication. my mind was racing endlessly and bell's palsy popped into my mind.

approximately two months ago the husband of a good friend had bell's palsy and for…