Heavy Hearts, Heavier Stomachs

friends left for london last saturday. i stayed in a coffee shop and read books. i've had my share of goodbyes but it doesn't make the next one much easier. so i comforted myself with the memory of friends sharing food and hearty laughs rather than standing in a crowded airport and waving teary bu-byes..

if mama inday took my advice, am sure she brought adult diapers with her to the airport. you see, they're more absorbent than the usual hankies. her eyes were a bit puffy when i saw her in ayala with papa dodong and ron.

dinner was in the agenda and when i got there they were waiting in line to be seated in teriyaki boy. bad decision really. the previous night we stood for almost 30 minutes before everyone trooped over to harbour city.

we ended up falling in line for sbarro. i was happy really, you see i've always loved italian food but was a bit disappointed as they didn't have my roasted chicken and spaghetti combo that night.

i decided to order the lasagna as i wasn't really in the mood to order some eggplant parmigiana and pasta. i was craving for meat. meaaaaaat and more meaaaat.

layers of meat in tomato, flat pasta, mozzarella and topped with meaty sour tomato sauce, the lasagna is my answer to the meat craving. basil, black pepper and hot sauce can pick up the flavor for those that want their italian with the sicillian zing to it.

ron got the chicago white deep dish pizza and i made sure the lady took the BIGGER portion from the serving plate. the servings are huge and the deep dish pizza is crammed with varieties of ham, meat sauce, salami and generous portions of mozzarella and parmesan.

what better way to comfort melancholic heavy hearts than heavier food filled stomachs? i *heart* sbarro. (click on read.more for restaurant details)

(032) 233-6186
2nd Level, Paseo Ciudad
Ayala Center,Cebu City,


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