"most of the foreigners are middle-aged men with young women hanging on to their arms."

that is part of the preface by lonely planet when describing cebu city as a tourist destination. for USD 299 dollars "yanski" will meet you at the airport, and for 7 days, have a personal assistant arrange for 5 ladies to be brought up to your hotel for a get to know each other session. oh, they also provide you with a cell phone.

if you're on a quick turnaround flight, USD 99 will have someone meet you at the airport and arrange for 5 ladies to be brought up to your hotel room for a "get to know each other session". and yeah, the cell phone comes along as well. i seriously doubt that "get to know each other session" will last long before someone starts to strip, and that is definitely another type of conversation i don't want to go into.

and if you probably ask for it, the "escort" can also provide you with viagra supply.

but like any other "promotion" there must be some hidden costs to this "package". take note that they only "meet" you in the airport which means that you still have to arrange and pay for transport to the city. they can book you in a hotel for the first night but you still have to pay for that and succeeding nights. for any extra curricular activity, your "escort" can arrange that for you at your expense. meeting the ladies is set at 5 per day, but any plans of taking out any of the ladies will mean you have to pay for everything, including the "escort" and if you really got a bad deal, that will include the nanay (mom), tatay (dad), igsoon (siblings), kaagaw (cousins), tiyo (uncles), tiya (aunties) ug anak (kid) + neighboring town and cities. in short, be ready to pay for a fiesta.

they conveniently provide you with a mobile phone - but beware, you have to pay for the pre-paid load and when you do find that "special" someone, you also have to do pasa-load (pass a load) to their nanay, tatay, igsoon.. you get the picture.

i was under the false impression that ace durano (secretary, department of tourism) is doing a splendid job in promoting Cebu as the tourist hub of the Philippines, but i guess the reason why lonely planet mentioned semi-retired viagra dependent middle aged men flocking (and F*ing)to cebu is because of

this is obviously part of the sex tourism industry that contributes to Cebu ranked as part of the Top 5 Sex Tourism Destination for prostitution. more disturbingly, cebu is also cited as a destination for child prostitution.

i cringed when i opened up the website as it blatantly sold cebuana women as part of a singles dating portal to foreigners. no matter how you look at it, the operation crossed the border to online prostitution. i call cebu as my adopted province and i am terribly disturbed by this item and i have to ask that tough question as to what our local government is doing to acknowledge and address this problem.

no wonder we get news about a group of japanese nationals filming pornography in the olango bird sanctuary. i don't think i want to see THAT KIND of bird.

as i sit here in a coffee shop getting my thoughts out to the whole wide world, i counted 15 foreigners fitting the category i mentioned earlier (i didn't count the koreans as they are here studying - i certainly hope so). almost all of them have a young woman by their side, and i am definitely sure they're not family. the colors don't match.

no wonder a lot of my filipina friends are wary of being seen beside a foreign looking man because of stereotypes fuelled by this sort of activity. someone has got to do something about

by the way, if you plan to keep the mobile phone, you probably have to pay for that too.


Flora said…
Hello, I was just doing some research around the internet and I KNEW there was something wrong with it!!! there was an ad for it on some site i was on i don't remember and i was like hmm... 20 yr old philipina women looking for SIGNIFICANTLY OLDER. FOREIGN. MEN? i was like there's got to be something wrong here, they're forced into it or something, oh yeah and traveling hookups? can you say PROSTITUION?! so i'm glad i read your article... i'm a semi-feminist and it upsets me very much.. and i'm asian, not philipna but asian and well there's tons of other asian dating sites like this one so it doesn't matter that i'm not exactly philipina... sigh... well yeah i don't know you or anything i just wanted to leave you this comment... it's nice to know that someone else is aware of these things.
Anonymous said…
every business have its bad side.. people give different impressions to everything... negative or positive.. different interpretation of every line stated blahblah!! well, the point is if the site is earning clean money it stays online and operates.. if not then police is on its way...
Anonymous said…
Maybe the gentlemen posting this article is upset as he cant find a lady on his own turf - ive heard many good reports about that site and do you have any experience personally to substantiate your claims ???
Anonymous said…
i am a cebuana and this caught my eye. it is embarrassing for me as a woman and a filpina to be labeled as a commodity for sale. but that website degrades the term cebuana and all women in general. for mr. anonymous: though we don't know if the author had difficulty in looking for a woman in his own turf, what disturbs me is that you obviously go through online channels for a hook-up, now, that's even more disturbing. i searched the web for anything about prostitution and cebu and true enough, the author accurately pointed out that my province is on the top list of prostitution destinations in the world.
Anonymous said…
...Some good comments and editorial....but every country has it's economic and social problems. If prostitution and call girls support a family, why not! Our country has the same thing in at least two states. At least the Philipines does not have the divorce rate of the U.S.
From my SE Asia experience I have learned to respect, admire and honor the asian culture. If wealthy America's want to go over there and "throw their de-valued american dollars" at the "guapa filipina's" then their families will thank you and say goodbye. It might mean an extra bowl of rice or food for the family even another hour on the "" site to find another wealthy, foolish American.
You may not understand their culture and lifestyle...but they know what's in your wallet.

Vick..."filipina amigo"
Anonymous said…
Many of these girls are con artist, scamming foreigners out of money. The girl gets something she needs, and the guy gets something he wants, and money being the conduit here. These girls are not naïve or as victimized as some of you posters have stated (flora). What ever your point of view personally on the matter, there is no denying, that both the foreigner and the Cebu girl, know what they are getting into. I personally don’t feel sorry or support either one; I’m just trying to state this as objectively as possible. For those whom may as what’s my factual data>? As someone whom has met people on both sides of the spectrum, I can conclude: Neither side is innocent. Some of these girls even admit to me, they scam foreigners while they have a local bf. So I have little sympathy for either side, as each chooses to get in to this on their own free will. You reap what you sow. Unfortunately this casts a bad reputation on the good Filipina girls. So I can see the frustration many of you here point out, in this regard. Some of the reputation these Filina girls have, homerecker, golddigger, and so forth.
That’s all
Anonymous said…
Did somebody put a gun to these girls’ heads? To put their pics on Come on, they are flashing the goods in full sight, with some leaving little to the imagination. Most of these girls are hoochie gold-digger’s
Case in point: .
Anonymous said…
hi,i've read your article. it is quite upsetting that they are selling us cebuanas' as local commodities to foreigners. i'm not against filipinas marrying foreigners for i've got aunts married to them. but selling yourself to them for money or for the opportunity to go abroad, now that's a different story. but then again, to each his own. kanya kanyang diskarte na yan. :-) (tito dens am not that eloquent).
Cacho said…
honestly i've conveniently "forgotten" about this post as i wrote it sometime January 2008. just to place things in perspective, the evils or benefits of sex-trade is something that can be debated by both sides. the more interesting issue pertain to the use of "cebuanas" (a term that refer to women from Cebu) for this site that is obviously a portal to prostitution. both parties that look for a hook up and offer services in that website are adults and willing participants to a "commercial" exchange of sex for money.

the issue is using the term "cebuanas". imagine if is a portal for slave trade. that's the point.
Anonymous said…
I think it benefits both sides,One middle age american looking for a young exotic asian girl,and an Island girl who wants to get out of hardship in life,if that both makes them happy then so be it,I dont blame both sides,an american mid 40s most likely divorced tired of white women who are fat with attitude,scared of another mishap,then looking for innocent young girl which can only be found overseas,on the other side is an island girl ired of hardship i life who dreams of a good life in america,so there you are,its all economics,I say give them a break,live a litle.....
Cacho said…
prostitution IS the oldest profession, a comment from me will not remove the existence of such a fact. on the other hand, the use of cebuanas for a website that promotes that activity is an unnecessary bias toward cebuana women. i couldn't care less if they probably named it :)
Anonymous said…
So you all just worried about your asses! I have just signed up at Cebuanas...been trying to find my luck on the net. Twice divorce. My first was a Japanese national, the second one was an American. Unfortunately both ended up in getting a divorce. But I am not giving up in finding "Mr. Right", from a foreign country. It is not because I want to escape from the PI, as a matter of fact, I've been living outside the Philippines for 15 years now. It is hard to meet someone and start up with dating, calling on the phone, getting to know each other thing for me when you've got a kid to raise and a career to save...(I assume that this is also true to some people). I am very hopeful that I may find 'him' even if not on Cebuanas. I've got to give it a shot and he's got to be patient. Looking for a relationship through online dating is definitely a dangerous matter for both ends: the man and the woman. As you all already posted, all your worries about, all the issues that are present, have you ever thought for a second, there are people looking for true love here. The Filipinas and the foreign men have their own motives and it is not your business whether they are shameless or not.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
go go go Doc! go get an asian hooker then. at least they don't nag you (or at least you can't understand the asian gibberish they mutter) and they obviously know that you get married just for the sex, and they get married for another reason: money.
Anonymous said…
The inittial poster was so thorough in pointing out the negatives of to also point out there are real people on that site who are seeking love. Its just another avenue for looking for a mate, but the poster seems to have some serious issue and I suspect it's something other than what was stated. In all the ads i have responded to and all the ladies i have communicated with, none have involved prostitution, unless you consider a woman who wants out of her miserable life and circumstances a prostitue just for being with men of means in a committed relationship. The fact is,I have never seen any direct relating info to prostitution on and it seems to me someone stirring the pot. Get a life, and get laid and leave people to live life the way they want when it hurts noone.
Anonymous said…
i planning a visit to cebu, and have been in touch with cebuanas, after reading your post i am re.thinking about, i don't like thought of meeting the entire family, is there better way handling this, no doubt these girlsa look very attractive and age seems to be issue to them,do must of these marriages last,or it just prostituion, with parental approval
Anonymous said…
there a some mistakes in my earlier post,most of these girls have no problems in age gap marriages, do these marriages last? also the thought of having a entire family with you on first date seems prostituion with parental consent..Most of all do these AGE GAP marriages work?? Must say most of these girls look attractive,some of course wearing suggestive clothing,how does one meet these girls minus scammers
Cacho said…
there a some mistakes in my earlier post,most of these girls have no problems in age gap marriages, do these marriages last?

my response:
with lots of Viagra - Yes it may work.

but the question whether the marriages last? - Mostly NO, usually one of the participants DIE of Old Age, and it's not the young lady

in the case of Australia, NO - the young asian lady usually gets knocked off for insurance by the husband.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know cebu is one of the top 5 places for prostitution and of i tried the site but its blocked in my office.

Yes, I don't like the name cebuanas being used in the site because people tend to generalize but well i know what i'm doing so it doesn't really worry me.

I am an active member of couchsurfing and hospitalityclub and i sometimes meet foreigners for a quick tour around the city or something like that. I could feel the other filipinos' eyes on me if my guest is an old guy and i could probably guess that they are thinking of us dating or something like that. it's really annoying because some people tend to be judgmental but i just try my best not to let it ruin my day. (Kiver ang show). Weee..
Anonymous said…
most of girls look nice,homely and innocent, surely there must be a way to meet, sincere women,or do you put it down to tolal scammsters!!
Cacho said…
i am sure you'd be able to meet someone who is really into some sort of legitimate hook up. just as there are people using any social networking site to scam people, there MUST be some ladies there who really want to meet men. unfortunately, there's no foolproof way to find out who is faking it. btw, just in case you don't know, there has been reported transvestites posting profiles as women. good luck mate.
Anonymous said…
cacho & some others on here, you really do say some unfounded foolish things
Anonymous said…
Good day to all. I cannot totally disagree with Cacho on some points. However, Cebuanas, whether people like the name or not, IS NOT a site that promotes prostitution. I actually monitor the site for 'undesirables' such as T-girls/ladyboys (gays with or without a sex change) that post as women, fake profiles/pictures, and Filipinas that are only there to scam men which are EASY to pick out if you have any experience living in the Philippines as a foreigner. I am in direct contact with the managers and so forth. They do set up what they call romance tours to help men who want to meet a girl tour the city, beaches, etc. If someone has not been to the Philipppines it can be quite a culture shock, although Cebu City isnt bad at all as I lived there for a few months, and a tour guide would be very welcome to most. Living in PH for about 2 years I saw many things that confirm what Cacho said. The fact that prostitution is everywhere IS fact. Just walking or driving down the street once the sun goes down you can see girls all through the streets. I wanted to comment ONLY to protect Cebuanas as a legitimate site to help people meet, not set up sex tours. What the men and women decide to do with their time together is their own choice. There are a lot of men who lie to and use the girls on the site. They may be planning a vacation with one thing on their mind unbeknownst to the innocent Filipina who truly thinks she has found a good man. On the flip side, some of the girls on the site are also scheming to get whatever they can from the visitor, money, gifts, etc. As far as meeting the whole family as some brought out, this is very common to dating as family ties are VERY strong there. Some families of course may be looking for some free meals, etc but most are not. If you want to see their intentions you can meet the family at their own house for a gathering or what not. You dont necessarily have to take them out to a restaurant for a "fiesta" LOL. All in all, if your looking to meet genuine people, you can but be cautious of the 'scammers' as they are called. Have a wonderful day :-) Cj
Anonymous said…
I appreciate your concerns about young Filipino women dating old foreign men. However, just want to remind you that
every thing in this world has negative and positive sides and too bad you've only seen the negative ones. I think it's not only in the Philippines particularly CEBU where most of the old-aged & middle-aged foreign men have young women clinging in their arms. There are other also other countries who have this kind of trend. Dating sites are created to give plenty of opportunities to help every single individual to find the right one for them.

What irks me is when you wrote this>>, "i cringed when i opened up the website as it blatantly sold cebuana women as part of a singles dating portal to foreigners."---You know what, before you give your views about the site why don't you spy for yourself?You are giving unjust judgment. Do not jump into conclusions if you don't have any proof.

In the first place, haven't you think about it, that scamming and prostitution exist long time ago? One more thing, IT'S NOT THE SITE WHO MAKES THE IMAGE OF FILIPINO WOMEN WORST TO THE PUBLIC EYE ESPECIALLY TO FOREIGN MEN AND BE DEGRADED BY OTHERS..IT'S THE FILIPINO WOMEN ITSELF WHO DO DIRTY CRAFT IN THE NET...get it?
Anonymous said…
Well I have to say that I disagree with being a site for just scammers and prostitutes...just like in the world of statistics your gonna find a percentage that is bad. If you ever go to the philippines or read up on their culture you will understand the mindset better, most people interpret through western eyes. I myself found some very nice girls here and I mean value and virtue wise and I have gone to meet them and they were not gold-diggers or prostitutes. I guess if your looking for that type of girl your criteria will guide your search to them eventually on cebuanas cause they are there too, just like in your city. Ive talked to hundreds of girls on that site since 2007 and many are scammers, but its up to you if you want to talk to them or not. Alot of these girls are shunned by their own society for a situation they are not to be blamed for, getting pregnant early, and if you know the reputation of the filipino man you will understand this. Most girls after 25 cannot even find a decent job because of the vast young educated labor pool, employers can hire who they want, and they dont want single mothers or anyone really past 25. Most of the decent responsible filipino men are working outside the country. Yes alot of foreigners are only looking for one thing but some are like me looking for a lasting relationship. Maybe I am lucky but after many many chats I met my fiance on this site, and she is loving, honest,spiritual, responsible, and very beautiful. She has never asked me for money or taken advantage. I know the girls memebership is free and the guys have to pay but that is supply and demand. If you remove all the online dating, then we go back to the bar and nightclub scene..but the less desirable element will still be present
Anonymous said…
Idk about thoses dating sites, But after my divorce, I tried looking into another american woman, they are all the same, they expect you to be rich,and have everything provided to them, and 100% of american born women expect too much from you, I pay child support for ,becuase my Ex-wife decided to start porking my Ex-best friend, and gess what, I wasnt the infidel here, yet I was stuck with Child support, becuase In Texas, all the governemtn wants is that the children stay with the mother.,Well bleesed are me I found A filipina Young 27 year old, very educated, Single that loves me for who I am. She is a Doctor (OBGYNE) and isint interested of how much I make, and doesnt need anything from me other than my dying love for her, We were married in 2007 at her home in the Southern Leyte area. and believe me, the last 2 trips I took to philippines, She paid for the airline tickets . she is still currently in Cebu,Ph but is soon to end her teaching assignment and Move to USA ,Back to me in Texas.
Anonymous said…
I have personlly been to cebu city and toured the island. I am familiar with the website you mention. You may be partially correct in your very biased assessment, but you are also very wrong. I met many wonderful cebuanas in person from the site, and ALL of them were chaste, proper ladies with nothing but good intentions. You do the web site and the Philippines in general a great disservice with your cynical poorly researched comments.
Anonymous said…
Look, people,, I was to PI many times.It is a poor country and all people want to be happy and live a good life. I am on Cebuanas. There are scams everywhere.Those who do not like it, don't look at it.Get a life. There are many woman and men looking for a mate, just like in USA, IT is a dating service,,,2009 GET up with the times. I married a Japanese 22 years, took her here to USA, BAD MOVE,,,Been with American woman,,BAD MOVE. I am a worldly person of travel. I retire at 56 to PI, meet REAL WOMAN, not feminist, and BOTH happy .And I treat her like Princess, and she APPRECIATE IT! America is against men for being MEN!!!Read the bible, the rib, woman came from Adam, dumb asses. We here to love, provide and protect, not be slave to feminist, lesbian unhappy women. Real men unite, and get out of these liberal anti God countries, they shall fall like Sodom and Ghomorrah! Enough said and keep your divorce rate in modern countries!! Mike retire PI soon!!! OH break the chains men, now is the time,,,Flee the beast countries which try to make you a WOMAN!!!
chefatrest said…
I have had first hand experiance with this website and found it to be very reputable and the woman i talked to and met were genuine proper people i was i a relationship with one filipina woman that i met through the site for about 12 months sadly it did not work out but i will keep trying as i just like the fillapino nature. yes there are scammers as there are everywhere but to say that these women are selling themselves or that the website is selling them is nonsence and the author should do his research instead of making assumptions based on his own moral standards.
Billy Joe Mc Donald said…
It is a great site with loads of high quality women, mostly quite conservative. I know from experience. It is not free, if you want free go to POF. You will find no shortage of nut job women there or maybe you would like a ball busting feminatzi, yep every guys dream. Cebuanas are sometimes hit by the West African 419 scammers but they remove them as fast as they find them. Sometimes there are the cam girls for money which they remove. And occasionally the byotes which look better than the girls but are in fact guys, I have no problem with this as long as they state what they are which is all I have see. Western women will be very very upset by this site, they don't like the competition and will bitterly complain.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I am a Filipino-American and also a victim of a professional scammer from "CEBUANAS". It was so disgusting to see our fellow "kababayan" still manipulating kind hearted people. Unluckily for this filipina scammer, she messed up with the wrong person. I met with her face to face with my lawyers in the precinct, armed with all the evidence.She's now languishing in jail and can not scam no more for a long time.That's what i like in the Philippines....the justice system seems to roll faster when you know hi-caliber people and if you belong to a prominent family.
Anonymous said…
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