Beef Madness

who would have expected to find bulgogi in a dessert place? postrio is known for its coffee and dessert selection that it was a surprise to find out they offer meals, sandwiches and other assorted eats that are not of the sweet or caffeinated kind.

the dish is flavorful enough though it was too oily. the usual bulgogi dishes i've had use radish chunks to absorb most of the oil coming from the beef slices. on the positive side, this one had carrot slices that livened the otherwise brown dish, shiitake mushroom for that pungent smoky after taste and i am almost certain they had ox tongue chunks that got mixed with the beef slices. lengua is always a favorite and its strong flavors lent a fullness to every bite.

yummy. do i recommend it? yes, just make sure you scoop out the oil.

i love mixing the salty-sweet-gingery sauce with the hot steaming rice that came along with the dish.

a perfect bite: stewed carrots, tender beef chunks, ox tongue and shiitake mushrooms on top of rice.

the citrus lemonade should have balanced the strong meat flavor, but they made the mix too strong and too sweet. order for another glass and ice and you'd be able to have two for the price of one.


Bon said…
yup!! Beef :) at least it's not hard...for some it's hard!

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