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Cutural Tour of Southern Cebu

Another photo-blog of a recent trip South of Cebu. A historic and scenic trip stretching about 180 kilometers until you get to the tip of South Cebu in Bato, Santander where you get on a ro-ro (roll-on, roll-off) boat to cross the channel to Negros Island.
Picture : Boljoon Cemetery
From Cebu City you can drive or take a bus going all the way South and drop by historic old towns with equally old churches and structures. Too bad that these buildings are not being maintained as they can be featured in an amazing cultural tour of the island.

Cebu is more than just lovely beaches, mangoes, guitars. It is the central hub of the Visayas and a major take off point to other locations within the island and neighboring visayan ports and towns.
Picture : Club Fort Med - Boljoon

Picture : Argao Church; A must-visit in Argao - Alecx Cafe Culturally, it is also the seat of the Catholic faith in the Philippines (thus explaining the numerous old churches dotting the seaside towns dating as ancient as ear…

Baby Blues

It was a pleasant surprise to see Mamu Cecil pop up on chat a couple of days back. An even better surprise when she said she's four months pregnant. I guess her vacation here in Cebu with Dadi Karsten was very productive. Literally.

I miss this two. The friendship started ten years ago and up to now, even when they've settled back in Germany, the friendship remains strong. I was there when things were at their lowest and there when things were at their best.
Mamu and Dadi compliment each other, like peas in a pod. Looking forward to the next addition to the family :)