That Christmas Feeling

September 1, monday, eight in the morning and the jeep was crawling through the traffic that started from fuente all the way to downtown. it was a good idea not to bring my car, the hassle of going through morning traffic and finding parking in UC is enough to induce anxiety attacks.

my half-sleepy reverie was disrupted by the jarring sound of

Oh da weder outside is PAYTpol, (with extra emphasis on the syllable just before the last)
but the fire es so BELATpol, (i am sure i heard this one)
and since hmmm.. hmmm... hmmm. hmmmm... (i think they forgot the lyrics at this point)

that reminded me that Christmas season starts the first day of the BER months and the horde of boys hanging by the backside of the jeep serenading the passengers with their delightful caroling.

curiously, the street lights and decors are late this year. even ayala, set up their tree late into november. if you want a feel of a grand Christmas, don't forget to check out the magnificent tree that stands about 30 feet tall inside the mall. bring a camera and relish the moment.

meeeery christmas friends!


Anonymous said…
fel na fel ko na ang pasko.....
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