The Animal In You!

Judith Eugenio did it again. After gaining notoriety with her Bloodbath party series, she launched Samhain, a hot hot salvo with a scintillating lingerie show in Loft co-sponsored by Jagermeister that brought the FHM babe Sofie Garrucho within literal grasp of the steaming hot party-peophiles in Cebu!

left to right - Who iszzat gal? (left), Sofie of FHM and Angela (Loft) posing by the photo wall leading to the venue. who needs a doctor? doctor soffie!

(click on read.more for more pictures!)

models inside a glass cage that wore next to nothing but sexy lingerie seduced the mostly male crowd. the pink and magenta lights lent hot hot hotness sizzle to every pose, twist and turn. the packed crowd shouted their appreciation by gyrating to house and techno music that literally shook up inhibitions for a wild night of fun partying. one can literally feel the thump thump of base music reverberating through your chest - or is it the beastly thump of one's heart getting carried away by the energy that swept through the crowd?

unnamed angel and daniel. if angels dress up like that, i am sure there'd be more GOOD boys.

left to right - unnamed hotties from manila; the kitty cats are out to play!

booze, music, hot girls, rising adrenaline and skin against skin are potent ingredients to volatile tempers but judith and the loft team with the uber glam angela made sure everyone felt safe with bouncers standing alert all over the place. i spotted an eruf ambulance posted outside the bar - you gotta hand it to the team for ensuring the safety of party-peophiles!

let loose, let go and forgo human emotions and let the halloween creature in you howl! for once, it is a compliment when someone says "You are an Animal! Grrrrr..."

side story: we had difficulty convincing this group for a photo op. overheard one girl say "this is embarassing..." - little kitty, the only embarrassing thing is your get up. the other photographer mumbled underneath his breath: ang lakas, ang lakas ng loob nito.


aligned with the (e-hem) general patronage nature of this blog, i would have to keep the sizzling snaps private. :)


Mr. Jao said…
To read and be transported, even on an imaginary level to the venue, the music, the beats and the sounds. Not to mention the sights, the SIGHTS, THE SIGHTS!

Great stuff amigo.
Cacho said…
ah, unfortunately, am not at liberty to stoke visual fantasies by posting the "show" pictures :) - for a risque concept, it came off as very classy!

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