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Regaining Life

An incredible feeling of lightness settled in my heart as I walk away from the office, knowing that it would be the last time that I am walking away as an employee of the company. I lost a job but regained my life.

One's life is a Work in Progress - it gets complicated when your work takes over your life. Too many times we tell ourselves we are going to get that extra day off just to spend some quality time for ourselves or with people that matter, only to have your digital appendages remind you that "wired" is not an exclusive electrical term anymore.

How many times have you cancelled a dinner, missed an important event in your kid's life, cut short a conversation, walk away? Perhaps it amounts to less than an hour, a moment's notice in your life - on the other hand, you have lost a fleeting instant that would have lasted forever, not for you, but for those that mattered most.

No regrets, only lightness of being.

Mantayupan Falls - Barili - 20070318

Just a photo journal of Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu. Mantayupan is the main source of power and irrigation for the place as well as the neighboring towns. It is an amazing falls that stand roughly at 200 feet in height and flows into a minor waterfall that is about 70 feet high. When the dam is wide open, the mist blows like billowing clouds reminiscent of the dust caused by traffic in the middle of EDSA.

The main difference is that you get a free mist treatment in Mantayupan whereas you get a free mudpack in EDSA when the clouds combine with the sweat dripping down your forehead. No wonder I don't miss Manila at all.
Quick info: Mantayupan is 60 kilometers south of Cebu City taking a direct right from Carcar (home of the famous or infamous heart-clogging-pork-with-meat-and-fat-crispy-rind) and cuts accross the island to emerge in Barili, a town that overlooks the bay accross Negros. You can see Kanlaon and every once in a while, when the volcano has had its fill of sugarcane …

Looking Through a Window

Just after lunch, eyes falling as the food settles. Sitting by the window in a coffee shop. Bliss on a Sunday afternoon defined as spending time with my partner doing absolutely nothing yet everything.

Playing with Light

Light patterns falling on a subject is a fascinating visual. One that evokes time, motion and e-motion. This picture was taken in Barili, Cebu in a resthouse nestled in the hills where surrounding bamboo trees evoke memories of ancient chinese warriors flitting in the shadows. Better than having NPA rebels swoop down and hold us hostage.

Notice the container with the flowers in the lower left corner, am attaching another set focusing on more details. Interesting how the light and shadows create a pattern, broken up by vivid colors of the flowers that appear suspended because of the clear water.

Sumilon in My Mind

Sumilon is 180 km South of Cebu and is about 2.5 hours of reckless head-spinning driving. My companion got to enjoy the scenic view of undulating waves that shimmer in a picture perfect bright day - I had to keep my eyes on the road for the silly kids that dart accross the road out of nowhere, or the slow sleepy tricyle drivers that has forgotten the meaning of time. Oh yeah, the occassional chicken or dog makes an interesting obstacle course.

Sumilon Island; Lazing by the Pool on Top of the Hill

The take off point is Baranggay Mainit in Boljoon, South East of Cebu Province where you can park your car in their mini port (or if you want to be adventurous, take the southern bound bus to Bato from the South Bus Terminal). They have a boat that has regular scheduled trips to the island (15 minutes) - scheduled defined as whenever the fancy strikes.

Detail - Hut; Infinity Pool

If swimming in the white sand bar is not your desire (about 30 meters off the shore it drops to a cliff and you can do…