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intramuros manila

another photolog of intramuros manila.

memories of sri lanka

am actually in the mood for some picture posting, here's a batch of photos taken during my stay in Sri Lanka 2004-2005. if i get motivated enough i'll do some writing to accompany the pictures. some of the places featured in this picture set: gangarama temple, nuwarelya tea fields, negombo, colombo.

sweet potatoes

off cebu is a group of islands that can rival boracay in terms of pristine white beaches and natural beauty. surprisingly, the place is named after sweet potatoes, otherwise known as camotes islands. here are some pictures i took sometime April 2006 during holy week season. Am sure that Shenny, Moi, Guen and Laila will remember the good old days when we were all based in Cebu. For now, we have to content ourselves with staying in touch via the world wide web. Cheers!

old gnarled things

this is a series of pictures i took in lakawon island, negros occidetal. like old gnarled hands, the trees grow along the beachfront and makes an interesting collective subject. i added the woman to this set, she's probably as ancient as the trees.

Balls of Our Lives

Low Hanging. Inverted. Uneven. Hairy. Free Hanging. Balls.

Us men have this interesting habit - the need to rearrange our balls every ten minutes or so. Well, if you see a guy going at it every minute that's probably jock itch. Some are more prone to rearranging the crown jewels because of really tight underwear. Whoever thought of t-backs for men should be shot. That piece of string running up your rear-side does not go well with people who have hair in that part of the netherworld. Besides, some men need that extra gravity-defying lift of extra full briefs to support asses that seem to have migrated to south of the border.

Anyways, all this sudden interest in nuts was triggered by an article that said Testicle Size Determines How Faithful Your Man Is where the premise that men with bigger balls are bound to sow their wild oats in another field - note the clever use of metaphor to avoid saying penis, vagina and coitus.

The article adds another layer of paranoia to an already borderl…


liv, my lovable anak-anakan in manila sent this link to me. makes me think that this must have been liv as a little girl. btw, she's getting married and i have to give her away hu hu hu hu. good thing we're not in india otherwise i'd have to pay for dowry. on the other hand, the soon-to-be-husband should pay me instead for raising such a nice lady!

ready? one.. two... three... whateavaaah.

things that go bump in the night

bump and hump and a lot more things happen at night.

i was having a luncheon meeting with business partners and for some reason, the conversation ran into the naughty kind. the kind that makes you want to cover your face in embarrassment if it happened to you.

if you're below 18 years old and still refer to your vagina as "flower" or your penis as "pitotoy" you probably shouldn't be reading this. but since you're reading this part of the paragraph, you're probably old.. errr... naughty enough to read this...

bumpahumpa story #1

the kids slept with this couple, and when the horny urge came a-knocking, they try to be discrete and quiet so as not to wake up the little girl. the woman tucked the bedsheets under her chin while the husband was busy ah.. uh... inspecting her valley of flowers. she bit her lip with matching left and right twists of her head as her husband continued his fantasy as nicolas cage busy looking for the "national treasure".


my best friend's wedding...

shameless plug

Click on the Image for a bigger picture. Anyways, we are looking for people in Cebu (and people from all over the Philippines who want to relocate to Cebu) to fill in an opening for client(s). We need Tech Support, Customer Service Reps for various accounts. Refer your friends to us and earn on the side for every successful referral.

thanks everyone :)

eraptimatics - banking erap style

let's do some simple mathematics based on court case 26558 - the erap comedy show.

the court convicted erap of liability amounting to the following:
P545.3Mpayola (jueteng)P200.0Mmuslim youth foundationP189.0Mcommission collected for GSIS and SSS buying Belle StocksP300.0MBoracay Mansion
if we are to assume that the Boracay Mansion is evaluated to cost P300.0M, total liability of erap will amount to P1.23B. Let's further assume an annual interest of 7% for time deposit and compound this for six years, this figure will roughly come out to P1.85B.

now let's review the jose velarde account that amounted to P3.23B. using the same concept of compounded 7% annual interest for six years, that amount should be at P4.85B

there is still an unaccounted amount of P3.00B - earnings from erap's sari-sari store?

someone has got to account for this amount, hopefully bongbong marcos will not come out and claim that his family owns 60% of erap's assets as that will surprisingly amount to …

the erap comedy show (draft)

i don't watch telenovelas on local television because of the irritating habit of exteeeeeending a single scene that could have been done with a couple of lines. that is exactly what i was banking on as i lugged my popcorn, potato chips, a jug of juice and tocilog breakfast in front of my tv to watch court case 26558, otherwise known as the erap comedy show.

i barely bit into the greasy fried egg when erap's minions petitioned the court of leonardo-de castro, villaruz and peralta to skip to the end of the document and just read the verdict.

guilty of plunder and not guilty of perjury.

i can understand the not guilty clause on perjury (lying under oath) - jinggoy would have us believe that we were brainwashed to think that erap talks through his asshole and is barely lucid between bouts of drinking that he sometimes doesn't know what he's talking about. well... i know for a fact that the janitor in malacanang earns an extra php 200 a day selling empty bottles sold for P15 a…

wedding abstracts

photo log - floritz's wedding, reception in chateau de busay, cebu - 19 august 2007.

i didn't want to compete with the horde of photographers taking pictures of the newly wed (randy and floritz) so i pointed my lens to abstract items around the area as my tribute to the couple.

the wood symbolizes age and maintaining the beauty and character in old age, the plants represent youthful energy, new life about to start and new buds in bloom.


dr. vickly belo has been declared the woman of all ages. She has the liposuctioned body of a 23 year old woman, the rebonded-extended-woven hair of a 16 year old teenager, the collagen injected pouting lips of a a 30 year old woman, the drugged eye look of an 18 year old, bleached pearly teeth of a 17 year old - for a total of 104 years.

with vanity and ego on the rise, it is not far off that men and women subject themselves to chemical and biological experiments to try and pull up what gravity has pulled down. no wonder some people look like online characters of the game half-life - the zombies mind you.

personally i don't have anything against plastic surgery, if one can afford to have one why desist from depriving yourself with a bit of flower arrangement? ok, no need to be coy about it, a bit of pekpek alteration. unfortunately for men, i still have to hear something about penile extensions aside from the metal implants that give you an instant hard-on when you walk through a me…

retrobute - battle of the brainless

host: ano ang pambansang hayop ng pilipinas? nagsisimula eto sa "K"

contestant: bzzzt... Kabayo?

host: hindi, nasa bukid eto...

contestant: aahhh... kabayong bukid!

host: hindi din, me sungay eto...

contestant: ah! demonyong kabayo!

host: mali pa din... teka, sige clue.. sa ingless nagsisimula eto sa letrang "C"

contestant: ALAM KO NA! C-HORSE!

street smarts

only in the philippines where the senate is intent on ordering a full scale investigation on an alleged game fixing scandal in a local television show. there are thousands of legislation that bears more importance than this subject that can be handled by one many thousand redundant government agencies. but no, the senate has to order a special investigative committee to determine if there was indeed intent to cheat and manipulate the results.

just to make my stand, i think willie is an asshole. womanizer, obscene, foul-mouthed and an absolute lack of talent are just some adjectives we can tack on to his butt like a pin the tail on the donkey game. the fact that he looks like a donkey is not the subject.

anywaaaays, i can't say anything better about joey de leon. his sarcastic and snide asides to the issue leaves a bad taste considering that he comes from a competing station and offering similar types of game shows. i believe that he would have come out the better man if he refused t…