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Children of a Lesser God (x)

Our generation is getting older with no one to succeed us, our children are suffering greater tragedies and we live in a generation where we are paying for our forefathers' sins. Yet for all our rhetorics of learning from history, we are dangerously close to setting the stage for our children to suffer the consequences of our foolishness.

In a report on World Population Estimates, 6.3B humans live today, of which half of the children population (estimated at about 1B) are suffering from War, Poverty and AIDS according to UNICEF (click here for a full story in CNN).

These are mere figures indicative of a greater risk for Humanity. of the 6.3B humans, roughly 2B are children and the World Population Estimate reports indicate that the average annual growth rate is rapidly declining from a rate of 2.19% in 1962 (the baby boomers) to 0.90% in 2020.

From a non statistician perspective, to replenish humanity, couples need to have an average of 2.25 children to move on to the next generation…

Chain Mail Syndrome (",)

Since you are reading this entry... if you don't recommend this blog spot to anyone, you will get a zillion years of bad zits.

Hmmm, that is rather cheeky... I think I'm going to start a fad of Chain Blogging where the purpose is to post comments in someone else's blog for them to read yours with the usual consequences of hell and damnation if they don't. Uh... don't think this is a good idea.

Ok, to quote one public show host every time she veers away from the topic...

"But I digress..."

Seriously though, I think I've heard her mutter... "But I undress..." now that would be really interesting. Seriously now... am going out of the original topic, what the hell, these are my thoughts...

So now... How Do We Get Rid or Annoy Chain Mail(ers)? More specifically, those chain e-mails that flood your inbox when some of your buffoon of a friend suddenly goes superstitious?

Have you ever received a chain e-mail that says,

...please don't break this chain…

Grief in Any Race (x)

A coin has two sides. So does the world we live in. We watch CNN and BBC and we see updates of lives lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Africa. More significantly we are bombarded with images of Americans and the British mourning the loss of their own in this rather senseless war.

All for the simple fact that they wanted to take out Saddam Hussein who murdered 5,000 of his own people and represents a threat to "global security". To date, America has lost more than 1,000 of its patriots in this war, but no one bothered to count the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died - innocently or due to to the war. No one is being held accountable for the death of innocents, not a single apology.

Let me ask this, who will mourn the death of 76 Muslim Thais forced like cattle into trucks? Who will grieve for the 70,000 people massacred in Darfur by the Sudanese Government and ethnic Arabs? Who will give solace to hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis suffering in a battle that has gone…

Say What Again? - Sayings Said Seriously (",)

here's a collection of well loved proverbs in english and the local vernacular... when you are running out of wise things to say, keep this handy :)

(Old) When the cat is away, the mouse will play.
(New) When the cat is away, the mouse is alone..

(Old) An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
(New) An apple a day, is seven apples a week!

(Old) early bird catches the worm
(New) Early bird catches the Early Worm (well am pretty sure there are late worms as well)

(Old) ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makakarating sa patutunguhan
(New) ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay... nag te-text.

(Old) Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.
(New) Aanhin pa ang damo... e hindi naman ako kabayo.
(New) Aanhin pa ang damo... e meron namang shabu.

(Old) Birds of the same feather, flock together.
(New) Birds of the same feather, make a good feather duster
(New) Birds of the same feather, are probably the same kind of birds

(Old) Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who …

Non Sequitur - Absurdism

If indeed Rep. Cuenco intended to give money to Hung (as alleged by Dalawampu) he wouldn’t be that naive or stupid to do it INSIDE the court, in the presence of literally EVERYONE. Furthermore, considering that Hung is implicated in the case of Shabu manufacturing where millions of pesos is involved, giving a pittance of thousand peso bills would be an insult to Hung.This boggles the mind in plain absurdity.

Her comment that Cuenco had a lot hanging on to Hung does not shadow the fact that she also has a lot hanging to Tan as he is the one that pays off her bills and legal fees. Everyone has vested interests in this case, we can only presume that Cuenco’s interest is in upholding the law by ensuring that those that are found guilty are sentenced appropriately. I wonder what Dalawampu’s interest is. My own stake at this item? As a concerned citizen, I hope that the trial is not clouded by trivialities that seek to distract rather than clarify the real case. One irrefutable fact remain,…

imPEACHment Flavors (x)(",)

Some products never make it to the grocery shelves. Specially if it's the same product in new packaging but delivering exactly nothing to the consumer. I am just one of many Filipinos who grew up to TANGna orange juice served on the breakfast table and mid afternoon merrienda.

It doesn't come as a surprise that the general buyer reject new variants by a young dynamic company that spun off from the original to introduce the imPEACHment juice to the market. Most believe it's just a failed reincarnation of the same product packaged in new corrugated boxes. I heard they had seven variants of the corrugated boxes to present. The consuming public doesn't even want to look into the boxes despite the claims of the new company that there are new ingredients thrown into the mix. Never mind that they even claim to have holy water as an ingredient instead of plain water.

They totally forgot to tap market research to answer the question, does imPEACHment juice seek to find a better …

Faithless in Church (x)

I tell myself that religion is an institution and faith is my personal relationship with God. It just happens that the expression of one's faith is usually done through religion.

What if the institution that you trust with your faith is fast losing its bearing? Does it lessen one's faith or faith turns a blind eye to what the institution is doing? Too often we hear of the phrase Blind Faith to describe our relationship with religion, but a distinction should be made that Faith is attributed to one's belief in a God and not belief to an institution such as the Church.

In this clear delineation of Faith and Institution, it is easier to be objective and impartial when it comes to acts by the Institution.

Too often the Institution involves itself in a lot of political issues using Liberation Theology as the foundation to justify the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in political activism, particularly in areas such as social justice, poverty and human rights. On the other …

Deadly Norms (x)(",)

a death in the family is a very sad event. usually. so it must be a wonder for guests who came to pay their last respect to my mom when they hear cousins and relatives laughing at some bawd joke or catching up after a long time not seeing each other. i can imagine some stuffy guest saying something about not giving due respect or some hypocritical comment.

let me remind people that the dead doesn't hear praises or cries that reach the rafters of heaven. am sure they'd run away screaming if mom suddenly appeared beside them and gave her personal thanks. reminds me of my sis, she was standing beside the coffin and talking with mom, "ma... remember what we said about whoever dies first gets to visit the one left? I'd like you to come visit me..." aw shucks, a really sappy line... "... just make sure you don't do it at night when am driving." - makes sense.

for those hypocrites, mom would have appreciated their visit when she was alive, not when she's…