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A Hole in the Wall...

and i don't mean a peeping hole. most people on the hunt for good food finds use this term to refer to places scattered around the metro, far from the usual bustling mall area or commercial complex. the most common denominator of these nooks would be the excellent food usually served in very simple surroundings.

cajun chicken

in cebu, there are very few establishments that fall under this category and finding a new place to add to my list is always a pleasure. it is assumed of course that one should lower their expectation when one hears of a new recommendation given our taste differences.

vibe gourmet has the usual requisite for that hole in the wall category: simple white painted walls, monobloc tables and chairs, gaudy bisaya folk rock playing in the background and waiters in plain clothes. they even have a mini sari sari that sells shampoo, conditioner and the likes.

liempo sinugba

a place you don't expect to serve chooja garam masala (chicken in hot indian spices) or cajun …

Hanggang Saan Aabot ang 368 Pesos Mo?


pero ang tanong ko, hanggang saan aabot ang 368 pesos mo? kung bibili ako ng selecta cornetto 18 sa barkada ko eh mag tu-tugs tugs tugs din sa sarap. pero kung tatanungin mo ang Comelec Bid and Awards Committee tsaka One Time Carbon Paper Supply eh iisang "ballot secrecy folder" lang yan.

aba parang kapareha ng golden turon sa congress na binabayaran nila ng Php 250 each para sa session snacks ng mga tongressman. 294 kotongress members sa pilipinas, Php 73,500 every session ang ginagastos nila para sa turon. sa narinig ko eh meron kasamang magagandang babae at maskuladong lalake ang sumasayaw sa beat ng tugs tugs tugs habang nag se-serve ng turon. ah, entertainment fee pala ang add-on sa special golden turon na to.

ang laki siguro ng kita ng supplier dyan. nakapatayo na ng mansion sa borakay. nakabili na ng bahay sa camella homes, tapos nakapag pagawa din ng access road katabi ng c5.

An Asian Food Affair

pancit molo reminds me of home. and that's what i exactly ordered when i got the chance to visit bacolod over the weekend. i've been hearing pretty good reviews of pendys and in the few instances that i dropped by they managed to impress me with their selection.

while waiting for my order to be served, i walked over to their pinoy deli area where they display an array of pinoy kakanin (sweets) that sorely tempted me to spoil my appetite for dinner. resistance is futile and i ended ordering a perennial favorite, ginormous chinese fresh lumpia stuffed with shredded chicken, sautéed green beans, carrot, garlic and ubod (the fleshy heart of the palm tree).

what makes this dish special is the inclusion of the thick peanut sauce that gives just the right amount of sweet nuttiness to this treat. be careful though, seven inches long and thick around the middle, this one can fill you up easily.

dinner was an asian selection that started off with a steaming hot bowl of delicious creamy a…

Men and Makeup

nope, this is not another entry about metrosexuals and how the lines have been blurred when it comes to men wearing makeup.

i am referring to the local and national election campaign posters plastered all over the country.

someone has go to tell these candidates and their stylists that blemish free skin, pouting rouged lips, blushing red cheeks belong to cheeky graduation pictures, or a starlet posing in uno. not the local posters.

on second thought, the more senior candidates probably used their graduation pictures, high school pictures mind you. i don't understand why they are afraid to show character with a few elegant lines on their faces. the way botox cleared the expressions, or how photoshop removed all pores from the skin, or how subcutaneous fat seem to have been sucked off from their chins left a very puppet-like look. yup, character, character assassination.

combined with exaggerated, toothy grins, some pictures reminded me of joker. not arroyo (one of the few character…

Divorced, With Benefits

with more than 40 movies to her credit, it is inevitable that meryl would have to reprise some of her old characters in her latest movie, "it's complicated"

adult love? she romanced clint eastwood in bridges of madison country. having an affair with a married man (1995)? robert de niro was her paramour in falling in love (1984). a cook? she was the perfect julia child in julie and julia (2009). a second chance with love? she danced and sang her way through mama mia (2008) and into the arms of pierce brosnan.

nevertheless, meryl managed to take on an entirely different perspective with this movie that had the audience cheering, swooning, laughing and secretly hoping that things will turn out right for the divorced couple in the middle of an illicit dalliance. "it's complicated" is a perfect description of the characters who all have their own neurosis but tied together with one single theme: love, falling in love, falling out of love and finding love all ove…

Facundo, ilabas ang mga aso!

awwwwww cuuute! that would be the first reaction people have when they see these pups. except that these are american pit bulls and the reaction usually change to that of fear. pit bulls have gained unnecessary bad press over the years as vicious animals propagated by urban legends of baby eating monsters.

not these ones. even the adults are big babies. i absolutely love these dogs as they are usually caring, lovable and ever so loyal. that is, if you show them you're not afraid of them. i think it's the stink of fear that gets their adrenalin running.

it doesn't mean that you go and be chummy chummy with the adults immediately. i usually go near the cages, place my arm near them and let them sniff me just so they remember my scent before i reach in and play with the big babies. two particular monsters curiously named yahoo and chopper love their belly rub and yahoo would even stand up on his hind legs so i can reach in and give him a back massage. chopper has a particula…