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Golden Memories

momi deanna's parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary and i offered to make a photobook for the couple. it was a long process, looking for old pictures and getting family and friends to submit written memories about the couple. they are clueless about the project and momi deanna planned on surprising them during their anniversary ceremony. the best part was finding the wedding memorabilias, newspaper clippings about the wedding and the first love letter ernie wrote for arlene.


So Much To Do, So Little Time

I was googling my way to find a suitable quote from a movie about having so much to do and having soooo little time and the closest i get is Robert Englund (Strangeland 1998) saying: "So much flesh, so little time." - at that point i just assumed that the movie is about an introspective zombie (or werewolf) thinking about the feast that is yet to come.

I was debating whether to use that quote or the one from Lucy Lawless (aka Xena, the Warrior Princess) who was quoted to have said "So much porn, so little time."

at the risk of losing your interest in so short a time, let me get to the point: thirtyMinutesAfterTheStrokeOfMidnightLastNewYearIpulledOutMyLaptopToDoSomeWork

Stealing Identities

my name is really unique. dennis tagamolila. i am sure i can find millions of dennis' all over the world, but add "tagamolila" and am sure you'd only find one - that's me.

you see, i have received three text messages (well, two text messages and one email) from friends who all claimed they saw my name in facebook and want to be added to my really wide wide wide network of friends.

except that i didn't sign up for facebook.

what are the chances of someone naming a kid "dennis"? statistically, "dennis" is the 76th most popular name in the US with 600,000++ people sharing my first name. try to find "tagamolila" in the US and there are about 336 or fewer people with the same surname. The chances of a "dennis tagamolila" in the US is less than 1 (i didn't realize that the manananggal, a filipino mythical beast that has half a torso with bat wings exist in the US) - and in case you're wondering how i got this information…

Missing the Point

In the early days of aviation, a flight from London to... say Sydney or Manila, required nerves of steel and much padding of one's behind. It also required 42 refueling stops, 5 changes of aircraft and a train journey through Italy because Musssolini wouldn't allow flights through Italian airspace. It took all of 12 days. And we've not even factored in mechanical failures, typhoons, dust storms and the occasional potshots from curious sharpshooters. Crashes were not infrequent, much like what happened yesterday to ZestAir in Boracay. <-- this one from Maning

They probably had russian pilots who are notoriously (in)famous for "refuelling" vodka while on duty. and if you're wondering what's the point (pun intended) of the title? well, that's exactly what happened. ZestAir missed the landing point and crashed against the fence. No one died, thank God for that.