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Lady of the Rosary Procession - Naga City 2008 Philippines - Part 2

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Lady of the Rosary Procession - Naga City 2008 Philippines


Putukan Na!

it is roughly 58 hours and counting before the new year is officially welcomed and i hope everyone has taken enough precautions to ensure a safe celebration. wag na lang tayong mag paputok sa mga daan, mas mabuti pa siguro kung sa loob na lang ng kwarto mag paputok. and yes, you still need to take precaution, unprotected putok can potentially be hazardous and bring unexpected surprises nine months after. be sensible ika nga and follow the ABCs of putok..

A - Abstain
B - Be careful if you can't...
C- and wear a Condom, but just in case you really get the urge to do it...
D - just Do it and
E - Enjoy the
F - Fun (in the spirit of alcohol, err being wholesome, i used this word instead of the more commonly used F-word)

to my friends who are working through the new year, specially those doing hard labor, paalala lang na nakakamatay ang putok, putok sa kilikili po. magbaon ng tawas o roll-on para mabango ang pasok ng bagong taon.

sa mga taga call center, don't greet your customers a "h…

Inquirer: Fired Prisons Chief Claims Innocence: Jalosjos Fled

Ricardo Dapat, Director of the Bureau of Corrections claimed that convicted child rapist and ex-congressman Romeo Jalosjosfled from the national penitentiary and subsequently flew back to Zamboanga Del Norte last December 22, 2007.

before you continue with this piece, take a nice good look at the picture...

find the man with the big humongous bulge. and i meant the tummy, silly.

this picture was taken about two years ago. since then, jalosjos gained more weight to officially become a member of the Balaenopteridafamily (aka "whale") genus specie: homicidal pedophillus.

in fact, he has gotten so obese that when he tried the hullahoop, it got stuck.. and am just referring at the neck point. he has gotten so big that he needed the other inmates in the national penitentiary to roll him over from his bed every day just to get him on his side.

well according to Dapat, this same fellow managed to flee the national penitentiary. i am trying to imagine how jalosjos did that feat. use a spo…

Box Office Hit!

people jostled each other to get a good vantage point, patiently lining up so they can get a good seat. the crowd is so big that it actually spilled over the road. perhaps expecting a standing room situation, some people even brought their own chairs. when the music started people settled down and quietly paid homage to the biggest box office hit this christmas season: the simbang gabi (midnight mass).

i spent my christmas in naga city, south of cebu. for some reason, the celebration is more solemn and heartfelt - never mind that i can not fully understand the mass as it was celebrated using cebuano, i felt the same feeling of hope as i bowed my head and prayed for peace for myself, my family, my loved ones and for all mankind.

merry christmas to everyone.

Have Spam? Fight Back!

i love my spam, honey glazed with a nice chunk of pineapple, crispy bacon and squeezed between kaiser buns. then again, am pretty sure facebook, wayn and a whole lot of other sites don't sell the edible spam variety.

if you're a gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail user you probably have gotten all sorts of spam mails that try to sell you cars, give you a bigger penis, browse porn all day, you're a pedophile, take viagra like taking vitamins, think you need your house on a second mortgage or generally think you're a loser. heck, the mails will give you a bloody insecurity problem.

well, time to fight back using the tools that are available right in your choice of mail server. the most common approach is to block all mails (otherwise known as "filtering") coming from a particular domain (e.g., etc)

for gmail users, here are the simple steps you need to follow:
log in to your webmail interfaceselect the check box of the sample mail you want to block…

The PBB Mania - The Chain Blog

If you haven't heard of the Big Brother franchise you're probably too uncool to read this blog, so go ahead and skip this one.

Just in case you're one of those who got hit by this tv show (willingly or not), you probably have the feeling of being a perverted voyeur as you watch strangers do all sorts of idiotic things under the watchful eyes of Big Brother.

ok last warning, everything after this line goes really colorful - if you know what i mean. so for the faint of heart, move along now and do some penance.

you're probably familiar with the setup, the housemates are supposed to learn life-lessons or something, but somehow at the end of the day it is all about playing a game and planting a big boot to someone's behind during eviction night. Life aint a game, there are winners and losers in a game. If there's anything good about this show, it just goes to prove that even celebrities (the Celebrity Edition) are just, well... people. yup, their shit smells just lik…

Eeets Ober!

tis the season to be jolly breaking up. i think. i previously wrote about two friends telling me their charmed delusions have literally hit hard reality and just this week two other friends decided to end their relationship

one caused by delusions, paranoia and a bout of multiple personality - i guess my friend is not into threesome, foursome and some more (he told me his girlfriend wanted to try on whips and chains). the other one was caused by messages being sent through friendster and deleted and people sneaking behind doing some other thing... sounds complicated? believe me, i had to get a pen and paper out to sort out the chronological order of the series of unfortunate events.

ergo, in tribute to this series of breakups, i am giving you famous breakup lines (and possible rejoinders when you're at the receiving end) that you may find useful when you've run out brilliant things to elucidate your thoughts:

Famous Break-up Lines

"I just realized that I still don't want …

Things I Hate About Boracay

i don't want this to sound like the usual boracay-praise-to-heaven-cliche write up. so... instead of writing about the best things that boracay can offer, here's the dirt dish:

1. Dirty Old Men - try reading up the lonely planet entry about Cebu and they describe the usual european/american foreigner here as old, twice divorced, living on pension, drunk, rowdy and have this fashion accessory called exotic ladies in tow. same goes for boracay. it is bad to generalize but that's generally the same set of people i see beached by the shore, probably too fat to drag themselves once they drift away from the herd (yes, a group of whales form "herds").

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2. Persistent Vendors - try to take a stroll in Station 2 - 3 and every other step along the way you'd get offered to buy shades, pearls, an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride, paraw sailing, island hopping, boat ride, banana ride, bicycle ride and recently, a ferris wheel ride right in t…

Wag Po Pader, Wag Po!

am sure if it was a chunky hunky dory dude, pader would have given more than just his blessings. my question is, what was pader doing skinny dipping in the first place? this is truly a woman's worst nightmare ha ha ha.