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Coco Grove Resort, San Juan, Siquijor

After going through the town of Maria and Lazi, it was almost noon and I asked Nonoy to drive us to Coco Grove resort in San Juan town to get some lunch. The place is the only upscale resort in Siquijor situated in San Juan that boasts of a very long coastline of fine white sand.

Cheaper resorts are available in the area with the same access to the gorgeous beach front, in some cases, you can even access the beach front from the poblacion. Coco Grove boasts of carefully manicured lawns, gardens and a pool aside from a decent enough dining outlet where non-guests can stay.

there are limited number of "rooms" in siquijor, even small B&B are usually taken specially during weekends. you have to make reservations way in advance to ensure you get a room.

Century Old Balete Tree, Lazi, Siquijor

i would have missed the last tourist stop in Lazi if not for Manong Nonoy who pointed out a towering balete tree whose trunk is so huge that it would have taken a dozen people just to put their arms around it. Nonoy quipped that the tree is close to four hundred years old, i'm inclined to believe him. heck, Nonoy looks like he's a century old. just kidding.

at the foot of the tree is a natural spring where you can take a dip, and in some instances, locals wash their clothes here. they should discourage the practice too close to the source of the spring as it pollutes the otherwise pristine waters.

the spring is home to a local variety of piranhas. well, for lack of education i really don't know the name of the fish that gather around your foot and nibble at dead skin if you dangle your legs along the side of the pool. tip, if you want to "encourage" the local piranhas, throw a piece of bread or cracker in the water before putting your foot in the pool. better ye…

Cambugahay, Lazi, Siquijor


Cambugayay falls  is accessible from the main highway of Lazi, Siquijor. a marker with Kris Aquino's face promoting Casino rubbing alcohol marks  the top of the 135 steps that leads to the landing area of the three tiered waterfalls that beckon visitors to take a dip in its gorgeously blue green water. side note, manong nonoy totally avoided the trek down to the pool in the pretext of watching over our car. moderate fitness is required for this one.

interestingly, when i got the chance to chat up the family, they told me that while i was doing my "acrobatics" trying to frame my pictures, a monitor lizard casually walked behind me, paused for a bit while looking at me before sauntering off to wherever it was going.

i was guessing it was deliberating whether it should bite my ass.

Solo Flight, Siquijor, Philippines

"there is no black magic in the island-province and if someone offers you these services they are fakes and should be reported to the local government." the big billboard literally screams at you from the entrance of the port of Siquijor.

you can just imagine the reaction of my friends when i told them that i was heading there, alone, first time, no contacts.
the last time i traveled alone to a completely new place was way back in 2003 for a business trip to kuala lumpur im malaysia. then again, one of my "bestest" friend is based there so it was not such a daunting experience as i had someone to meet me up during my down time.

the reputation of the place precedes the island-province. and if i paid any attention to the jokes of my friends, i will soon find myself a grand addition to a buffet in the middle of the mountains. witches, warlocks and all the nocturnal denizens would celebrate my arrival by having me for dinner. literally having ME for dinner.

a few utte…

San Isidore Labradore and Convent, Siquijor


St. Isidore Labradore Church and Convent are National Historical Shrines that date all the way back to 1857 when Agustinian Recollects started the construction of these magnificent structures. The convent is considered to be the biggest in Asia during its time and feature wooden floors and pegs that hold together the structure instead of the modern iron nails.