Chinese Eggs

flash back a couple of weeks back. coffee with ralph and mr. tsinoy in holiday gym and spa. as usual, the conversation seesawed between politics and local gossip. ralph lowered the newspaper in front of him to peer at mr. tsinoy.

"too bad, you won't be getting any sex with the wife anymore."

laughing nervously, mr. tsinoy asked "why?"

"well unless your wife wants to get gall stones, it says here that chinese eggs have melamine. i guess that means no more chinese sausage and eggs for breakfast..."

"ha ha ha ha! leche ka, batehin ko itlog mo kaya?!?"

"ah, e di scrambled eggs na to 'pre!"

seriously now, how do you get melamine tainted chinese eggs?


Bon said…
hahaha!! SunBurst!!

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