Round Trip - Part II

twenty check in counters and one long line of passengers.

whoever planned this masterpiece of an idiotic plan should be fired from Cebu Pacific. Not only do they have flights that are "100% Late All The Time, Every Time", they also managed to achieve "70% wasted time, any time." - it took me almost an hour just to check in my single piece of luggage as they have runners with megaphones running up and down shouting NEXT! nexxxxt! NEEEEEXT!

for a classy airport, they managed to cheapen it like a wet market.

"Flight 5J 529 is late due to the dear departed Flight 5J 539 that arrived better late than never. ever." - Talk about crappy service, they used to banner 95% on time flights but are now crowing about achieving 87% ever since they moved to the new airport. i don't get it, better airport equate to delayed flights. (click on read.more)

my litany of horrors continue with the in-flight experience. Passenger 11D of Flight 5J 529 (who will remain anonymous) is huge enough to occupy a seat, and a half. which extended to MY half of the chair. rubbing fat elbows with another man is not my idea of a rubdown. now i can imagine how the OFW seated to Malu Fernandez felt when she plopped her heavy BEEhind in economy seats.

to make matters worse, the lack of oxygen caused by squeezing the titanic frame into midget sized seats induced sleepiness in passenger 11D. he kept leaning towards MY side of the seat. probably attracted to the smell of Clover chips that i opened mid flight. i was tempted to stuff some of the chips up his nose. did i forget to mention he was snoooring? I bet if he lost fifty pounds Cebu Pacific would gladly give him the discount on their Go Lite promotion - Php 200 less on your ticket price if you don't have any luggage checked in.

Unfortunately for us, the OTHER options don't offer any significant improvement on service. We're stuck with bad service but it doesn't mean we can't complain. and complain. and complain.


Bon said…
yup! Crappy Service.. and I can remember in MIA all the time delay..delay..delay.. despite of the ticket is really cheap...
Cacho said…
man, all of my flights usually have one of the trip late. for this most recent trip - i had two trips late by more than an hour. grrr

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