Running Airless - Part II

Run to the Max participants: From the left, Noy Jopson (Pinoy Ironman), Judith (PR Megawhiz), Ms. Veron (Manager, HGS Cebu) and Rio (star trainer for runners). Except for Judith whose only claim to a marathon is to run from the parking lot to the gym, these guys have done the full marathon (read: 42 kilometers) at one point in their lives.

stellar inspiration.


Cybele said…
What a small world! Noy Jopson was a college friend of mine. Please send my regards.

Unfortunately, I cannot derive inspiration because, despite my football college "career", I despise running :D
Cacho said…
Hey Cybs! small world indeed :) Noy is now based in Cebu where he has his own business and married to another friend of mine, Amala Mendizona? You might know her too :) I miss our chats but it has been very VERY hectic!

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