I'm a Loser!

Weight loser that is. Got myself into a wager to lose ten pounds in a month's time (tick tock). okay make that 27 days from now (tick tock). i'm still figuring out how to do that while contemplating the reality that i can't have my food binge.

i hate you boneless crispy pata cutlets (Kuls Kitchen)

goodbye Spicy Thai Chiken Wings! (Kuls Kitchen)

begone you oh-so-delicious grape slush (Kuls Kitchen)

if you're not on a diet, i suggest you head off to kul's kitchen in IT park and order these dishes. then come back here and tempt me with your experience. sigh.


Bon said…
mmm!! mm!! that will ruined my diet! hahaha :))
Cacho said…
hey bon! am in your coffee shop drinking oreo frappe and munching on some food today. then tonight i have a despedida party for a friend leaving for Australia. Diet is useless ha ha ha. i just have to control my food intake later grrr.
Anonymous said…
hahaha.. goodluck.. i love crispy pata, lechon, etc. etc.

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