Pia Damaso

if you know your rizal, you should know the character Padre Damaso - a spanish friar who sired a bastard daughter with Pia Alba. you can very well infer that damaso was a horny priest who preyed on innocent filipinas. to say the least that it was a sinful affair would be an understatement.

with that in mind, it piques my curiosity that a dessert place is named as Pia y Damaso. Located in the third level of Greenbelt 5, the small quaint place specializes in dessert.

a bit pricey with each slice averaging PHp 160, every bite is equivalent to a dangerous illicit affair with the calories. which probably explains the name Pia Y Damaso.

Personally the price is a bit of a put down, then again it's not just the food you're paying for but the ambiance. where else can you find a chandelier hanging in a private cubicle set for two inside a space roughly around 50 sqm?

it's a good place to visit once but not a regular haunt. besides, i am not really a cake person. :P

picture one - dayap cheesecake with calamansi jelly.
picture two - ibarra chocolate cake with orange peel; courtesy of Cat Huang


Anonymous said…
wasn't really impressive :) if they sold their cakes half the price then it would have been worth it! the flavors are good but not the quality you expect from the value.

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