A Wired Wired World!

i am friends with kevin bacon.

you see, if my theory proves right, i can trace each friend (and so-called "friends") linked to me in friendster and eventually end up with kevin bacon, in less than seven degrees of separation.

better yet, just get myself linked to ruffa gutierrez. rumor has it that she's "connected" with half the northern americas, belly danced with the entire arab continent and rode camels. am not sure if she rode the camel, or it's the other way around. (click on read.more)

pardon the rambling, my point really is that the philippines has an estimated 24 million internet users according to a report by AC Nielsen and recent news indicate that about 94% of filipino internet users own a friendster account. the same report show that majority of these users are from the 19-30 year old bracket.

that's a lot of friends to choose from. and am sure you can find all your enemies too. just about any tomas, roderick and ari can post a friendster profile and that's where the problem comes in.

you see despite the fact the we pride ourselves in speaking in english, we still need to qualify that fact: we never said, correct english.

this is my roundabout way of introducing a new series of entries: prendster most wanted.

in between typing up reports and papers, i amuse myself with literary gems that litter the wired wired world of prendster.

caution: you DON'T want me to be your friend-ster.


Anonymous said…
cacho your just jealus and inggit cuz you never met ruffa! why the fuck would you care if she rode on a "came" or a "camel" rode her!! What a wild imagination you have iho!! If i were you mind your own business, get laid and leave ruffa alone. she is a born again christian and has suffered enough!! magdasal ka!! nakakahiya ka at kapwa pilipino sinisiraan mo!! GET A LIFE and PRAY!!!
Cacho said…
Dear Anonymous,

why, thank you for patronizing my site. just a word of caution though, i suggest you use a spell AND grammar checker before posting anything. sige ka, baka sabihan ka ni loofah na nakakahiya ka at di ka marunong mag english. i'll take your advice, i'll pray for your eternal rest and repose. amen.
Anonymous said…
hoy anonymous! plastic ka din ano? pa get a life and pray ka pa tapos and advise mo eh to get laid? anong religious congregation ka? Divine Sex Addicts?

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