Round Trip - Part I

“95% On Time, Every Time!” that’s the banner that greeted me as i picked up my e-ticket in Cebu Pacific. it’s already five minutes past eight and they haven’t called passengers to board the plane despite the fact that fight 5J 550 is scheduled to leave at eight.

Flight 5J 550 for Manila is now boarding in Gate 5. Passengers with infants or wheelchairs are requested to board first…. In a dream like state i imagined Glorya Makapal Ako’no adding, “I… am… sorry. Joke lang po yun.”

as if this is a portent of things to come, there was a slight commotion behind me as a male steward asked a passenger to vacate his seat and deplane. The passenger complained that the gatekeepers of hell should have checked his ticket before allowing him to board the (wrong) plane. Duh, it’s like airport security, they look, but they REALLY don’t look.

I am not stupid, everyone else is doing it wrong. – that’s what they all say. (click on read.more for a sweet surprise)

-time space warp, an hour after-

landed safely. the company didn’t arrange for airport transfers. taking the expensive airport taxi. arrived in the hotel at eleven and was promptly told by the receptionist that check in time is at two. what does it matter if a guest is checking in two hours in advance? As it turned out, another guest is still in the room. Okay, patience.

Greenbelt is a couple of minutes from the hotel, on foot. Headed to the Museum Café which is just beside Ayala Museum. Fond memories of the place having dinner with Mariano and Noní. Ayala Museum is featuring the Amorsolo Collection of Women. Cat and I are planning to visit a couple of exhibits tomorrow. Keep your eyes open for the pictures, IF they allow pictures.

12:50 in starbucks and am having my favorite banana cream pie. Shutting down and leaving in a short while to head back to the hotel.


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