Professional Plagiarism

Plagiarism - "to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source"

My student's idea of original work is to remove a period, add a comma and pass it off as original. as a member of the open source community, my tolerance for code reuse is at best "lenient". on the other hand, certain conditions do apply when students decide to copy or reuse existing work from the internet: they must acknowledge the source AND they must demonstrate understanding of the work.

believe me, it is easy finding out those that enrolled in the course keyboarding, major in copy and pasting. i have given complete eggs (aka zeros) to students who can not locate a particular snippet of code that is critical to the content and function of a program.

then again, this is not about my students.

i recently read a rather disturbing piece of professional plagiarism done by a contributor to the Philippine Star as reported by another blogger. Jay Ortega, wrote an article (click here to see his version) that was lifted directly from RollingStones (click here to see their version).

I'd rather read a blogger's post complete with spelling and grammatical errors rather than read the words stolen from someone else's hand. Jay Ortega should resign and inhibit himself from writing. I am sure he can find work as a typist - at least he got all the punctuation and spelling right.


Bon said…
the one who stole some articles....wala man cyay originality!!'s true

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