Re(Counter)Productive Health

It's Blog Action Day and the theme for this year is Poverty. Responsible parenting is an issue as it has been shown time and again that the poorest sector of the country are the most prolific in producing the next generation of mendicants. The church is against the Reproductive Health bill - equating it with hell and damnation when the real sin is their inability to educate the masses on responsible parenting.

Isn't it a bigger sin to bring a child unto this earth knowing that you have nothing to provide for them?

Eradicate poverty, Be Responsible Parents, Support the Reproductive Health Bill. Today is the day of action as me and millions of bloggers write about poverty!


church leaders are threatening to refuse supporters of the reproductive health bill from taking communion. if that is not enough, they gloat and hurl invectives carelessly that lump "anti-life" and "abortionists" in the same breath as the RH bill.

next time they open their mouth to preach about morality i hope that they remember to take a hard look at the harsh reality of mendicants that litter our city streets with nothing to feed their hunger. worse, in their rhetoric about life and morality, they provide not a single solution to address the issue of a population feeding on it's own poverty by multiplying its ranks of hungry and desperate populace.

if only human females come with extra udders to feed children born practically within a year of one another. until then, the church can very well refuse me communion and make sure they serve it with fish and milk to the litter of beggars that they so casually drive away from the entrance to some of the churches here in Cebu. that for me, is an ironic duplicity of their position on this issue.

"Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes" - Karl Marx opined that religion is the opiate of the masses. and like opium, it makes us forget that beyond the promise of divine redemption our people are suffering.


picture: street beggars littering around fuente circle in Cebu City


Carlota said…
i agree wholeheartedly... before they quote biblical verse about not sharing communion with "sinners", they should look in the mirror first.. weee..
Anonymous said…
great take on the church and poverty! incidentally, data shows that COLONIZED, predominantly christian countries are also the poorest in the world. just check out latin america.

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