Mama's Milk!

"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking the ice cream maker (Ben & Jerry's) to begin using breast milk in its products instead of cow's milk, saying it would reduce the suffering of cows and calves and give ice cream lovers a healthier product."

Aligned with this effort, I am including a list of picture perfect celebrity candidates for the Mama's Milk campaign.

Vicky Belo,
Milk Substitute
Non Fat, Non Organic
Melamine Enhanced

Rosa Rosal,
expired milk
aka "Mummy's Milk"

"condensed" milk

Madam Auring,
Reconstituted Powdered Milk
Just Add Hot Water!


Bon said…
hahaha...pretty one!!! hahaha LOL
Madam Auring....:))
BCS said…
Now, this is hilarious!

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