if you're in the mood for quick and affordable italian, check out Piadina in greenbelt and sample set menus that has combinations of pasta and piadina. piadinas are pan-toasted, round flat dough similar to tortillas stuffed with all sorts of meats and flavorful herbs and spices. i had the Piadina con Chorizo Spagnolo with spanish chorizo, ham, fresh tomatoes & mozzarella. Pasta Italspagna with italian sausage & spanish chorizo in creamy tomato sauce was my choice of pasta (click on read.more)

i am possibly one of the earliest patrons of this restaurant when they opened their first branch in robinsons' galleria. owned by an italian and his lovely filipina wife, the service was fast and interestingly personal as the owner usually goes around to greet the customers. perhaps it's just me but i think the original restaurant serve a much flavorful pasta than the one in greenbelt.

my foodie companion got this yet unnamed pasta and piadina combination (cat? cat???)

in any case, it was a bit interesting as people stared while we poked, twirled, arranged and moved around our plates for a perfect shot. must have looked worse than the japanese tourists flashing their trademark V pose and grinning from ear to ear. we would have done that too except that pasta on teeth is not really a glamorous pose.

Unsolicited Tip: they serve the dish with whole fresh garlic pickled in olive oil. make sure to get one and crumble it to bits and spread it over your pasta for that extra garlic zing!

Piadina, Greenbelt I
October 25, 2008


BCS said…
Been a fan of Piadina for more than 4 years now... though haven't been back there in a long while (the branch that we frequented was that in Robinson's Place Malate, though we've also been to the ones in Greenbelt and Robinson's Galleria). Sure do miss the place. :)
Cacho said…
hmmm my personal favorite is the one in robinson's galleria. next time you go try the garlic tip - guaranteed to add a zing to your pasta :) keep visiting :)

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