Best Friend

time and space are irrelevant to true friendships. friendships that seem to pick up from the last conversation in every meeting, never mind that the last meeting is separated by months (and even years) continents and timezones, and where the deepest of conversations can turn into the shallowest of ramblings. no holds barred. (click on read.more)

kitty is my best friend. someone i consider as a dear sister, confidante, lakwatsa partner. someone i know that if i make a boo-boo she'd take it in stride because i am a friend. it took a lot of pleading to post her picture here given that she's a very very private individual. spanish sardines, greek mousaka, stunted japanese sashimis, snoopy, boots, broken hearts, bitter chocolate and exes, wedding disasters, racing cars, drama queens, stars and megastars - the list is long and the stories even richer. but like real best friends, they only make sense to those that has lived and shared these things, confident that private things remain kept inside one's heart.

thanks kitty for being a friend.

Pia y Damaso
October 25, 2008


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