prendster most wanted: patani

Name : Patani
Claim to Fame: Cast, Survivor Philippines

Name: Jervy Dano

Schools : University of Cebu

Occupation: RESIGN

Affiliations: Modern Image, Youth Organization

Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, acting, writing, modelling, advertising, hosting, news casting, singing, shopping, dating, going disco…and lots.

Favorite Books: Fairy tales & Top Secrets books

Favorite Movies: The Touch of Magic & Fruits Basket

Favorite Music: Pop, Jaz, Rock…Hip Hap

About Me: I’m just a simple woman, having a dippest dream. I’m just a simple Pilipina woman.

My beauty for me and my family is belong in middle class standard.

I’m not intelligent,but not totally brainless/bird brain In short, I’m not perfect but no ones in this super duper complicated world perfect!
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But whatever I’m proud to say that Ive lot of talent and I’m loving and speaking of “loving” for me, it’s complete because if you love you can do everything,you can do anything.

But I’ll never believe the word”love is blind”. No one is blind,just bec.of love, you blind, because you afraid the real the true and because you loved, you’re pretend that you’re blind because you afraid to accept the truth. Anyway, I love to travel.I love to shopping. I love to go out of town w/ my family. But just emagine, we can’t afford that. I have a big and simple family.

M hometown is Camotes Island, it’s province of Cebu Region 7. But now, I’m here in city, which Cebu. Then, I’m just staying w/ my sistah, helping to take good care in my niece. I’m just a high school graduate.

Then,if I’m lonely, I’m spend my time in writing poem, script, advertisement in Tagalog version and English.

Who I Want to Meet: I want to meet a male or female with age from 18 to 80 and I want to meet for friendship. Want to meet a totally human being. And speaking of human,.important they have heart,mind,soul and spirit. Why ? Because if they don’t have this thing, mostly of us,crying,sacrificing. Why? Because lots of person, having a body but not totally a human. They have heart but no feeling.Why? Because no soul,no spirit. They have mind but still stupid! Because they didn’t use it. That’s why I want to meet a true, a fully, a totally human…


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